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Posted by Heresy (Member # 1629) on :
It's that time of the week again, time for the kick in the pants. The idea is that having somewhere to report progress will spur you on to make some. So I'm posing the question to all of us here. Did you write this week? As we have been reminded in the past, writing for the purposes of this thread can mean just about anything you want. You did some editing? Report it here. Outlining, pre-writing or any other kind of prep work? Sure, that counts too. And, of course, writing new work always counts.

I finished a round of revisions on the third book in my Mirrors of Bershan trilogy, and will be sending it off to my editor soon. I outlined a novella for my Necromantic world and made notes on a few projects. Most of my time and energy are being tied up at the moment with a blog tour for the second book in my Mirrors trilogy. Two weeks to release. No, I'm not nervous at all (I totally am.)

That's it for me. How about you? Did You write?

Posted by arriki (Member # 3079) on :
Yes, I did. The first page over and over and over and....

You get the idea. Too bad the workshop at worldcon has such a fossil text of mine to comment on.

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Posted by Meredith (Member # 8368) on :
Yes, I did. Mostly on my rewrite of the first book I wrote after getting serious, THE SHAMAN'S CURSE. (We're not counting the thing I wrote in college.)

Also two blog posts.
Posted by extrinsic (Member # 8019) on :
The current story I'm working mental composition on didn't have a high enough magnitude nor tangible enough dramatic complication to suit me and the targeted audience. I figured out a strategy for developing one that fits into the opening and the whole. A strange new weapon that doesn't emit or cause electromagnetic radiation fit the bill. Fractyon disassociation packet lobber by another name, though it is seen first, and shown in operation and effect before the viewpoint character figures it out.

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Posted by Owasm (Member # 8501) on :
A couple of thousand more words added to a novel rewrite along with a ton of in-line edits.
Posted by Robert Nowall (Member # 2764) on :
Washed out---still expending more literary effort on grievance statements, and too tired to do much else. I may be slowing down some over the next several weeks, owing to an impending repiping job in my house and my need to clean up a lot...and maybe I can pick up the slack when I go on vacation in October...
Posted by rcmann (Member # 9757) on :
Book two of my trilogy is effectively written. Now in editing.
Posted by kmsf (Member # 9905) on :
I continued hand write plot and motives of main character. I have first draft and several scenes written - 3 or 4 chapters' worth. But I want this to be a visceral/emotional event-driven novel, so I needed to really dig in on the MC's motivations.
Posted by Dirk Hairychest (Member # 10105) on :
Working on the WotF contest has been a stimulus for me to work on my other writings. I worked on my Q4 entry last week and began writing two other short stories, perhaps for future WotF quarters. I haven't started my novel yet, but I worked on fleshing out some of my notes on character and setting. I also received a minor epiphany about a plot point that was giving me problems. Yay! Strange how writing begets more writing.
Posted by KellyTharp (Member # 9997) on :
I managed to work on chapter 17 (1,689 words)over the weekend as no page from the hospital, so could stay at home. That said, the story is moving along, but I need to take the time and keep sketching out the scenes in my head to the end so I have a road map to follow. It's nice to be over the "hump" and seeing light at the end of the tunnel...just hope it's the correct tunnel! Hope to get some words in today while sitting in IV infusion therapy for 4 hours. Enforced down time, so nothing else to do but write (I fall asleep if I try to read).

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