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Posted by extrinsic (Member # 8019) on :
Writing tips, advices, guidance from agents, editors, and appealing professional writers Writer Unboxed. About the sharpest writing on writing collected in one place I've read. A few mechanical style glitches but nothing topical about which I strongly disagree to any meaningful degree.

Donald Maass, New York literary agent, offers some of the more potent characteristics for craft, voice, and appeal qualities. Dave King, editor, about the complications of editing. And more: writing and publishing culture, writing politics, writing as vocation and art, writing as research and due diligence for a number of areas: personal meaning making, experimental writing, locating markets, trends, and audiences, identifying personal voices and craft methods, identifying effective personal methods for productive writing, making time to write, most productive seasons or times of day, managing the business of writing for and from a writer's perspective. Etc.
Posted by jerich100 (Member # 10202) on :
They're 10 good ideas/tips.

There should be a Forum on nothing but writing tips. There can only be so many of them.

After writing a story it would be nice to have a running checklist of everyone's top 40 things to look for before submitting the story--or to review at any time.

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