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Posted by micmcd (Member # 7977) on :
Is anyone interested in giving me feedback on my synopsis of City of Magi? The synopsis is precisely twice as long as I want it to be, clocking in at just over 2000 words. Research around the web showed the ideal length to be 3 pages double-spaced, which works out to 900ish words. Since the book itself is 272,000, I'm shooting for 1000 on the synopsis.

Not sure if a "first 13" of a synopsis makes any sense, but perhaps it might help you decide whether or not you'd like to give feedback on the whole thing. Incidentally, I'm always game for crit swaps. As best I measure it, the below is actually 14 lines, but since this isn't a hook for a book or short story, I plead to KDW to let the paragraph complete itself with the extra line [Smile]


Grayson Kearney is a smuggler, a habitual liar, and a fierce gatherer of secrets. He operates in the capital of the free world, Dein Astos, though his criminal empire is continent-spanning. Few know they work for him. A prominent military hero named Alexander Locke dies unexpectedly, and only Grayson realizes that he was murdered. Alexander’s murder is the latest of a series of suspicious events, and Grayson suspects something greater is afoot. He reaches out to Zia Locke, the daughter of the murdered hero and newly promoted Magi Knight, who agrees to take him on as her intelligence agent when he gives her evidence of the untraceable poison used to murder her father.
Zia is unsure of what to make of Grayson or whether he can be trusted at all, but his information always turns up solid. In their first foray into the field, Grayson directs them away from the area the Department of Defense wants patrolled, and right into the path of a group of Valanians trying to smuggle explosives into the city using stolen Astosen army uniforms and supplies.

Posted by Meredith (Member # 8368) on :
I'll take a look at it.

In a week or so, I might ask you to go over my synopsis for SEVEN STARS.
Posted by micmcd (Member # 7977) on :
I'd be happy to take a look at it. Edit: I'd be happy to take a look at Meredith's synopsis in return, I meant. I just realized how odd it was to have this under my own thread.

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Posted by annepin (Member # 5952) on :
I'd love to take a look at it.
Posted by Kathleen Dalton Woodbury (Member # 59) on :
The 13-line rule doesn't apply to queries and synopses, because they aren't intended for publication, so you aren't using up any rights by posting them here.

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