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Posted by phule1970 (Member # 9944) on :
So I have decided to give the NaNo challenge a go. I thought I would also take this opportunity to throw myself into the flames and open up my self to some criticism. Here is my book synopsis. Any feedback is appreciated.

Novel Title:
When Chaos Reigns

Novel Genre:

Short Synopsis:

Technology is gone and nature is in chaos. A century ago the geomagnetic poles swapped places and interaction with human technology caused a surge that destabilized the laws of physics. The rules of the games changed and magic was born. Mankind struggles to survive in this new magical realm that stands in continuous chaotic change. It’s a world where landscapes change overnight and creatures of fantasy exist.

Tough choices have to be made when a man’s daughter delivers a cryptic prophecy and then falls into a coma. Her only hope lies in finding the source of the prophecy. To save his daughter the man will have to brave a unpredictable magical region where chaotic forces threaten to destroy the fabric of the world. Truths are uncovered and sacrifices are demanded.
Posted by ars (Member # 9945) on :
I can see an Odyssey style adventure here. I love the concept. I like the idea of "real" world people thrust into a fantasy situations.
Posted by enigmaticuser (Member # 9398) on :
I like the idea of an unstable environment, it focuses on the dynamic of the character responding to the environment.

The synopsis sounds consistant with the genre, the conflict is described, and the complications are intriguing. However, the part about cryptic prophecy sounds like it should be explained perhaps in slightly more rubber-road terms. I mean a cryptic prophecy, a coma, and a damsel in distress? It could sound cliche, but if a hint of the prophecy were revealed in a tanglibe glimpse that connects to the reason the man goes on his quest, it would differentiate itself more from other prophecy/quest set ups.
Posted by lizluka (Member # 9916) on :
It sounds like something I would enjoy reading. I'm curious, since the pole-switching happened only a century ago, are there still vestiges of the technological world, like skyscrapers and rotting cars and the like?
Posted by GhostWriter (Member # 9963) on :
Interesting to say the least! Will you describe in detail how this would happen (the poles switching). I personally would love to hear some sort of theory form from this that you can utilize throughout the book. (I love those kinds of things.)

I like the plot, but you will have to add substantial sub plots to make his trek interesting. Maybe have a side plot of tech users that he must defeat, etc... All in all, a very good plot though! You had me with the science of it all. Good luck with the book and may your pages be ever full.
Posted by Owasm (Member # 8501) on :
I saw this in the pitch contest. The quicky synopsis does round out the story a bit. I like the direction that this story has to take and it has the promise of an exciting ride. You're probably deep into the writing by now, but I'd watch out for throwing in stereotypical fantasy creatures. In my opinion, the story would be better for you to come up with magical creatures that we haven't seen before that would be consistent with the chaotic element that you have introduced. That unpredictability can add a lot of try/fail opportunities for the man's quest.

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