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Posted by JmariC (Member # 2698) on :

I am looking to establish a group with a goal of creating first drafts and increasing output.

Quality of work is not a goal with this program as much as finished stories are. Word count is a subjective theory with no play in this setup, only that there is a finished work by the deadlines. Critiquing is not required for this, but it is a bonus.

Members would be notified if they miss a deadline and reminders would be sent to encourage participants when the next deadline is. This is not unlike the prodding that friends and such do for people participating in NaNoWriMo.

For those not familiar with NaNoWriMo:
National Novel Writing Month is an annual event where people of all ages participate in a "contest". Each participant is competing only with themselves.

The goal of the "contest" is to write a novel in one month, although it is actually a word count goal of 50k words in 30 days (which is less words than a standard novel, but it is all for fun). No one reads the novels written (unless it is a personal arrangement the contestant makes with a friend or if they submit it to a critique group), but everyone can track the progress of the participants.

Participants get to update their word count as frequently, or infrequently, as they want so long as they upload the word count on November 30th for the official count. If the person reaches 50k, they get cheers from their friends and fellow participants. Oh, and a icon they can post anywhere that shows they "won".

Finding places to get a person's work critiqued is easy. Finding a monthly NaNo, or a variation of it, is not so easy.

Deadlines create a fun challenge and tend to mean more since there is someone there at the finish line. That is part of the advantage of NaNo, the word count is tallied by an outside group and others can see your progress or lack there of. The flash challenge at Liberty Hall has people who get to see the finished story and everyone knows if it was within the time limit or not.

Some writing groups have a goal that each participant must have one short story a month (most requiring that the story have had at least one round of editing from the writer before being submitted). Usually the story is cued for critiquing. As I there are so many venues for critiquing, I would like to have the focus be on the initial completed story, or finished chapter of a novel (regardless of polish). Sort of a writing group that encourages output and provides deadlines similar to what professional writers get to deal with. If anyone interested in participating wants critiquing included, that is fine with me. Completed stories would be the goal, critiquing would be a bonus and on a voluntary basis. This avoids the "too many stories to critique" that large writing groups run across sometimes. I would encourage participants to share any updates about the story, like if it received favorable critiques somewhere else and if it was published.

Length and quality would not be a priority in this, only providing encouragement for writers to write. Yes, writers are in the end responsible for their own production level, but I see no harm in having a group who's goal is to support and assist in increasing production.

The people who participate do not have to read the story, only receive it and agree to not pass it on and such.

A large part of improvement for writers comes from experience. Experience comes from finishing things, not just starting a story or writing a story. A completed novel means more than a hundred chapters in terms of development.

Anyone interested in participating can email me or comment here, I will try to check in on this thread as often as possible.
Please specify the level of effort willing to be made on your part (just nudging people and deleting received files or actual feedback on stories).

Thank you.

Posted by hoptoad (Member # 2145) on :
Kinda like a HatMo?
I would seriously contemplate participating if it were a one-off or two-off in a year, let's say in March and July so I could do NaNoWriMo in Nov.
Posted by JmariC (Member # 2698) on :
Not 50k.

Just a finished story of any length.
Certainly you can write more than 2 chapters or 2 short stories in a year?

Posted by Hygge (Member # 3313) on :
I’m intrigued. I need something like this to kick-start things. Count me in.
Posted by hoptoad (Member # 2145) on :
Sounds alright.
If Hygge is going to have a go, I'll give it a bash too.
Posted by JmariC (Member # 2698) on :
Ha! I knew it would take me a bit to make it back to this section.

Ok, so we have interest. That is good.

How does an email group (like a yahoo email group) sound as a group method? I tend to be much faster at my email than I am at websites.

I'll set it up, so if there is a suggestion of method, let me know. Usenet is out of the question due to lack of privacy and I don't want anyone putting stories into a void.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions?


Posted by AstroStewart (Member # 2597) on :
I would be interested in this group as well, feel free to put me on the email list as well.
Posted by JmariC (Member # 2698) on :
The group has been created!

I'll start sending out invites as soon as I can.

Posted by Doublehex (Member # 3433) on :
I would like to join this group as well.
Posted by Neoindra (Member # 3422) on :
I would like to join.
Posted by Pyre Dynasty (Member # 1947) on :
I'd like to give it as try I need some sort of kick in the face.
Posted by Louiseoneal (Member # 3494) on :
I'm interested.

Posted by Aust Alien (Member # 3493) on :
Too late to join? I like the idea. At the moment, I'm pushing myself to get more done rather they polish the first 3 chapters of a novel that I have started 87 times.

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