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Posted by InarticulateBabbler (Member # 4849) on :
Well, I have 1,744 words on my horror doodle, 5,000 words on my HF chapter outlines and a complete rough outline with my co-author. By the end of the week, I expect--not counting any unforeseen events--to have the chapter outlines done fo our collaboration--Working Title Initials: POTD.

Goal: To finish the chapter outlines for both projects and 2,000 words on my doodle project.

How's everything going for you?


Posted by shimiqua (Member # 7760) on :
Okay, these are my guesses as to what IB title is: Pond of the Dead, Path of the Dagger, Peter of the Dark, Peanuts or the Dougnuts, Pain of the Debutant, Put Octupus to Death.

My money is on the last one. Pain of the Debutant sounds like something I would actually write, and then be ashamed of myself for writing. The last one sounds like a children book to me. Not a publishable childrens book, but still.

My goal this week is to finish chapter fifteen. It's not started yet, But it will be. Hopefully more than started.

I need to stop working on distractions, and finish. I did okay though, because yesterday I wrote a good chapter. I'm liking fourteen, well mostly. But other than the one day of good writing, nothing productive was finished.



Posted by Meredith (Member # 8368) on :
Well, I have about 1000 words on my newest novel (Dreamer's Rose) and about 1350 more of bits and pieces for later in the story. The outline for this one is still pretty broad and I'm learning all kinds of things about these characters as I write the little scenes that come to me for later in the the story. This one is threatening to hijack me away from the one I should be working on.

Book Two (horrible working title of Seven Brothers) is at just over 75000 words. This is where I should be concentrating my efforts. But I keep waking up with the other one in my head.

Goal for next week would be to finish chapter 32 on Book Two (which isn't started) and maybe allow myself to do chapter two on Dreamer's Rose as a reward.

Posted by InarticulateBabbler (Member # 4849) on :
LoL, Sheena. None of the above...but you do have the "of the" right.

However, my coauthor is another Hatracker, so the title still may be revealed.

Posted by satate (Member # 8082) on :
I did good this week. I finished revising the chapter I was working on and then revised another one. I also got about 1000 words down for the sudden fiction contest. I'm trying hard to not let this short story turn into a novel, but maybe I'll let it turn into a novel later.

My goal this week is to start a new chapter and get at least 1000 words into it, finish the other 1000 words for the short story, revise two chapters, and get through all the crits I need to do. Hmmm, big goals for me, but maybe I'll be able to do them.

Posted by kings_falcon (Member # 3261) on :
Can I play guess the title?????

Anyway, goals:

Try to get the ending of Falcon to BE AN ENDING . . . edit the earlier new first draft chapters. MUST get word count down by 30K.

Finish outling the next story and not have major insights that take the story over . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . here . . .
rather than there. Although it's much better for the insights. Start writing that.

Convince myself not to start a magazine and limit myself to a blog.


Posted by InarticulateBabbler (Member # 4849) on :
I'll give you a hint, it's not: Plesiosaurs of the Dunes.

But it was a tempting title.

Posted by BoredCrow (Member # 5675) on :
Pencils of the Dead?

You know, an artist zombie horror story...

Posted by Unwritten (Member # 7960) on :
Popsicles of the Den
Penguins of the Delta
Parachutes of the Dingos
Peter of the Ditch
ooh--Points of the Diamond

My 5 year old helped me with that. My very modest goal is to keep working on getting one chapter a week ready for critiquing.

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Posted by InarticulateBabbler (Member # 4849) on :

Interesting how the guesses are great fodder for writing prompts though, eh?

Another hint is, it's not:
Pastries of the Damned.

Posted by WriterDan (Member # 6456) on :

First time I read that as:

Pasties of the Damned

Just not a good image.

Still trying to get my most recent story out for WotF. And mostly trying to figure out a way to get my novel character from being in City A to wanting to go to City B. I'm close. Think that's happening as part of chapter 18.

Posted by InarticulateBabbler (Member # 4849) on :
LMAO @ Pasties of the Damned. (Damned could just be people. Unless you're George A. Romero)

But, I know you were thinking Pasties of the Dead.

Posted by shimiqua (Member # 7760) on :
I just can't get back into my novel. I've just kind of stalled. I feel like I have reached the end in my mind and I'm frustrated because of the lack of prospects this story has now. Like I've made choice b and followed it to the end, but now I'm wondering if I should have chosen choice A. I can't find the impetus to continue and to finish out the results of my choice.
I don't know, it's just frustrating. I feel like I did when I was a kid after Christmas was over, and all the present are opened. Like I like what I got, but there was so much more possibilitie before when the presents was wrapped, and now, I'm ungrateful and lazy and don't want to play with the toys now that they're unwrapped.
Does that make sense? Have any of you felt like that before?
Posted by Christian (Member # 7825) on :
My goal is to just write. Anything. Anything at all. I've been away for about a year. I have an excellent idea in my head. I have the prologue planned. I know what happens at the end of my story, and most of what happens in the middle. However, the one time I sat down to write, I was disgusted with what came out. It was like trying to cook something sweet with brown sugar, but when I finished it tasted like I'd used sand instead.

And no matter how many times I called out, Calgon just refused to take me away.

Posted by satate (Member # 8082) on :
I've felt like that before. My story always seems to run in cycles. Sometimes it's all I can think about and my fingers itch to type more. Then there's been times when it's hard to think about it, the magic's gone.

After my baby was born I took a few months off of writing and it was hard to start back up again. My story needed a new character and then it was alive again and possiblities opened up that I hadn't thought about before. I had to get back in touch with what I loved about the story and get in tune with my characters. Then I was into it again.

Posted by Christian (Member # 7825) on :
You're right satate...maybe that's what I need to do. Have a baby. No, wait...I mean "find what I love about the story". Having a baby could involve some complicated surgery and years of hormone therapy. ;-)
Posted by MrsBrown (Member # 5195) on :
Where's my boots? That darn horse keeps getting away... I need to cowboy up and get back on 'im.

(referring to a prior goal to get back on the [writing] horse)

I wrote up some notes, and flailed about with two potential timeline changes that would force a re-write of everything I have so far. Gotto solve it, because I can't move forward without knowing how old everyone is and who is related to whom.

Patience of the Dread
Petulence of the Dwarves
Pestilence of the Dogs
Permutations of the Daft

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