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Posted by WBSchmidt (Member # 8533) on :
Welcome to this week's Novel Support Group (NSG). Anyone can join. If you're new, tell us a bit about who you are and what project you are working on. Although we can report on any number of things, here is a list of suggestions (suggestions welcomed).

Here is a list of things that you can do each week as we work on our novels (suggestions welcomed).


I intended to post this Thursday night in case I forgot to post Friday morning. Oh well. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. I know I am.

Last Week's Goals

I did not do anything, again. Now that the holiday break is here, maybe I will do some writing.

My goals for next week:

Same goals as always. I need to focus on some characterizations before moving on to the plot again.

What did I learn this week?

Nothing here. Good luck to everyone and a good year as well!


Posted by Meredith (Member # 8368) on :
Still kind of slow, especially with the holiday.

Last Week's Goals:

DREAMER'S ROSE: Let it rest.
Well, I achieved that goal.

THE SHAMAN'S CURSE: Type the newest version of the query into the new computer and have a look at the synopsis.

THE IGNORED PROPHECY: Retype the last set of revisions.
Yes, I did this.

BLOOD WILL TELL: Retype the last set of revisions, as needed for the chapter exchange.
I'm actually about four chapters ahead of the chapter exchange.

SEVEN STARS: Get this typed back in.
Yes, I got this one back in. And I've been doing some brainstorming about where the story is going to go. I already had the plot line for the female character pretty well down. But I need to know more about what kind of torment I can put the male character through.

OTHER: I still need to work on revisions to Dragons are Forever and The Seeker.
Didn't touch this, either.

Next Week's Goals:

This one will rest at least until after the first of the year.

Type in the newest version of the query and have a look at the synopsis so I can be ready to send this back out after the first of the year.

I've got a chapter exchange going on this one. Make revisions as the chapter critiques come back.

I've got a chapter exchange on this one, too, which is helping me to find some of the weak spots. Make revisions as the chapter critiques come back. And continue to type in the revisions that were on the old computer, to bring the version on the new computer up to date.

I can only go a little further on this one before I really need to know what I'm going to do to the male MC. What does he have to go through? Either that, or turn the story over to the female MC. I need to brainstorm this some more.

I still need to work on revisions to Dragons are Forever and The Seeker. Unfortunately, the critiques are on the old computer, so that probably won't happen until after the first of the year.

Install the new router so I don't have that kind of computer problem ever, ever again. I also got a 4 GB flash drive for Christmas, so that should help in retrieving some of the remaining files from the old computer and in doing future backups.


Posted by aspirit (Member # 7974) on :
It's a new week already? Alright, here's my report.

Last Week's Goals:

Next Week's Goals:

Merry Christmas, to all who celebrate some version of it!

Posted by Dark Warrior (Member # 8822) on :
Preparing for officially joining this group next week

This Week's Goals:


  • Brush up characterization
  • Begin outline

    THE LUNAR WARS Working Title

  • Brush up characterization
  • Begin outline

    Misc-Practice for novels by:

  • Continue WOTF Q02 project
  • Edit No Quarter (Sci-Fi short) for pub
  • Research The First War(Historic/Sci-Fi short) for pub
  • Read Writing the Breakout Novel
  • Review Scene & Structure
  • Review Handbook for Writers

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    Posted by Kitti (Member # 7277) on :
    Well, the holidays really got in the way of my doing just about anything productive. I did get to chapter exchanging and doing some nit-picky edits of TGS and outlined a little bit.

    My baby brother was home for the holidays and asked me about my writing, and I happened to mention my nano story to him. It's in need of major revisions, mostly because the story couldn't decide if it was a romantic comedy or an action adventure/spy story. My brother (a big Clive Cussler fan) proceeded to spend TWO HOURS world-building and re-plotting it. It is now an action/spy story.

    Of course, whether or not I write it that way is up for debate, but those were a very fun two hours.

    1) Continue chapter exchanging TGS.
    2) Work on new WotF entry.
    3) Real Life Stuff
    4) Get ready to move. Again.


    Posted by Owasm (Member # 8501) on :
    Last Week:

    I'm halfway through my Panix rewrite.

    This Week:

    Get the new character established and hopefully finish my rewrite's first pass.

    WotF story
    Two short story ideas (digging deep for emotion)

    Posted by LAJD (Member # 8070) on :
    OK so I get extra lame points with rainbows and unicorns. I just looked at my late posted goals from last week and realized they are a blending of last week and this week. Sigh. I think I need a major do over. I am one of those people who can get wrapped around the axel on things like is today this week or next week? Ugh. Ignore me.

    I did not get my goals done and I did not send the short off to the anthology. I am also 7K words behind on my WIP, but making it up fast so feeling good about my finish by friday.

    Standing goals: (that's easy)
    -write at least 2000 new words each day.
    -keep my SuperNoteCard deck up to date on structural and character changes for my current WIP (SF)
    -Read and crit at least 2 shorts or 1/2 of a novel each week.

    Next Week (12/25-1/1
    -Meet all the above standing goals
    -Finish the first draft of San Francisco!
    -Finish critting OWASM's Nano novel (by sunday)
    -complete my first draft of my 2010 goals. Time for goal setting!
    -figure out how Meredith gets those colored smileys in her posts.

    Posted by Meredith (Member # 8368) on :
    -figure out how Meredith gets those colored smileys in her posts.

    No mystery. When you start a reply, you should see a little link to the left that says "Smilies Legend". It tells you what the codes are for the smilies.

    That's one goal, already.

    Posted by InarticulateBabbler (Member # 4849) on :
    This Weeks Goals:

    Everyday Goals:

    Posted by dougsguitar on :
    Last week;
    Advanced the WotF story to (only)3000 words
    Read more about character development, dialogue
    Read more of "This is your Brain on Music"
    Read Melville; "Typee"

    Re-read the first coupla chapters of the first five "Sword of Truth" novels by Terry Goodkind... looking for how he implements the things discussed in these collective topic threads. Compared TG's style to Salvatore, Kipling, Tolkien.

    This week;
    "Got up... got outta bed... dragged a comb across my head."
    Add no less than 5000 words to WotF.
    Do tech research for WotF
    Post questions here!
    Send 'Ravencroft Pass' to a volunteer reader, bless her...
    Look for work!
    Look for critique opportunities (here) to get more involved in the work and hands-on learning.
    Revisit an earlier story that was fair... try to make it better.
    Stay at home for New Years!

    Posted by LAJD (Member # 8070) on :
    Cool! thanks Meredith!
    Posted by ScardeyDog (Member # 8707) on :
    Last week's goals:

    Christmas is complete. Yay me!

    Next week's goals:
    Apply the snowflake method to my nano novel.

    Posted by InarticulateBabbler (Member # 4849) on :
    Three down:

    Two to go:

    Not bad, so far.

    Posted by dougsguitar on :
    - Well then, the 5000k word goal was a little bit optimistic... but I'm not worried. Still writing every day. Yesterday I knocked out a blistering... uhmm... 100 words! So far today I am around 500, but plan on spending alot'o time on it!
    I have questions brewing in the ol'noggin. I'll post a topic thread soon. Like; how do I write a character that is a zillion times smarter than me? (not meaning to incite the topic discussion here, no responses necessary).

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