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Posted by Meredith (Member # 8368) on :
Today's word count so far: 1612

Considering that I'm writing my first ever naval battle--well, ships against a moderately fortified harbor--I think that's pretty good.

There's a chance I might get a little more in yet today, but I'm leaning toward leaving it where I have a really clear idea of what comes next. That should lead to a faster start tomorrow, when I'll be a little more pressed for time.
Posted by Disgruntled Peony (Member # 10416) on :
904 words today. I wanted to get farther, but I worked the morning shift and got kidnapped by friends pretty well as soon as I got home. Hopefully, I can make up my lost word count on the morrow.
Posted by wcoditwgth (Member # 10431) on :
I'm a bit late to the party, guess I'll just have to pick up the pace on a weekend or so.

Today's word count: 864.
Posted by axeminister (Member # 8991) on :
I'm aiming for 13.1 (In the parlance of marathon runners, this is a half marathon.)

So, 25,000 is my NaNo goal.

Sadly, I'm at 300.
And I'm away from home Nov 5-8.

It's not how you start, it's how you finish. [Smile]


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