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Posted by Meredith (Member # 8368) on :
Welcome to this week's Novel Support Group. Anyone can join. If you're new, tell us a bit about who you are and what project you are working on. Feel free to update the NSG Work in Progress thread with your current projects. Although we can report on any number of things, here is a list of suggestions (suggestions welcomed).

What were your goals last week and did you accomplish them?
Describe what you worked on.
Set goals for next week.
Did you learn something during this week?

Here is a list of things that you can do each week as we work on our novels (suggestions welcomed).

Writing on a novel
World Building
Relevant research


As for me:

Last Week's Goals:

DUAL MAGICS SERIES (THE SHAMAN'S CURSE, THE VOICE OF PROPHECY, BEYOND THE PROPHECY,and WAR OF MAGIC): Nothing this week unless the revisions to the audio book come back.
I've approved the audio files! Now it's up to ACX [Big Grin]

Wide Distribution Project: Get the CHIMERIA boxed set up on Draft2Digital. Prepare WAR OF MAGIC and the DUAL MAGICS boxed set to go up on Pronoun next.
CHIMERIA is up. [Smile]
WAR OF MAGIC is ready to go--it only comes out of KU today, so I won't start uploading it to Pronoun until tomorrow. [Wink]
I haven't started the boxed set, yet, but it doesn't come out of KU until Tuesday.

BECOME: BROTHERS: Promote on social media.
Eh, not really. [Frown]

BECOME: TO CATCH THE LIGHTNING: Hopefully get back to this.
Well, sort of. Finding the starting point of this new chapter still eludes me. I will catch it eventually, though. [Wink]

MAGE STORM: Probably nothing this week.
Good call. [Smile]

Update my blog twice a week.
Yes. [Smile]

Next Week's Goals:

Waiting for ACX to approve the audio files.
Once that happens and I get the rest of the series up on Pronoun, I need to plan a promotion.

Wide Distribution Project:
Get WAR OF MAGIC and the DUAL MAGICS boxed set up on Pronoun. Probably the short story "Modgud Gold" too.

Promote on social media.

Write this new chapter. It's only a first draft. Just write it.

Probably nothing this week.

Update my blog twice a week.
Posted by LDWriter2 (Member # 9148) on :
Not as much work on that steampunk-dragonpunk-UF-historical fiction thingie I am doing.

Again tiny bit on the revision of Journey of Mystery. My hero just meant up with someone who wants to join his quest. She isn't suppose to know about it, but somehow she does. And before they leave this country with their new weapons I need to add another member of the quest. A short woman who is excellent with a bow, crossbow and throwing things. As we learn later she wants to teach my hero those weapons. Even though he is a mage he does have some understanding how to use them but hasn't practiced with them. Now she will make sure he does.

Still have not received back comments from the second beta reader. And I didn't really work on cutting the passive sentences,
Posted by walexander (Member # 9151) on :
Finally, finally, got my second novel started. A ton of research, multiple false starts. A lot of distracting short stories. Reading other authors. Articles for the paper, etc. etc. Along with just too much mind drift in imagination land.

Finally, 50 pages in, two chapters discarded that were headed the wrong way. 7 days in and running on caffeine with a few naps here and there. The only thing that could make it better is if showers took themselves, laundry washed itself, groceries came to the door and put themselves in the refrigerator, and then cooked themselves.

Otherwise. Off to the races.

Posted by Grumpy old guy (Member # 9922) on :
Been distracted by a lot of things that I've put off for a year or so. In my last entry (or so) I said that the argument between my MC and Satan was holding me back but that I'd finally sorted that out. You'd think that would mean I should be powering forward--no such luck.

Where my 13 line fragment submission for The Ascent of a Man ended was just before the major transition from narrator tell (despite it's close narrative distance) and the character's direct perception of what was going on. It was also the introduction of the arch-antagonist--Satan. What I didn't realise were the nuances involved in representing both Satan and the following struggle for Jonas' soul.

I have realised I need to do a lot of research about divine forgiveness and the fate of damned souls.

I know this sounds like the start of a bad joke, but I need to talk to a Rabbi, an Imam, and a Catholic priest. I can get all the background info I need from the internet, but understanding all of the subtleties requires a conversation; or three, or perhaps a thousand.

And all this for 1,200 words? Well, the story does strike at the heart of religion--all of them, so some factual research would seem to be warranted. And this could take some real time; you can't just order up a cleric on demand; they have to be willing to speak to someone who thinks religion has stolen man's faith.


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