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Posted by J (Member # 2197) on :
This thread is for predicting--for bragging rights, mind you--two characters that die in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The rules are simple:
1) Pick two characters and only two characters you believe will die in DH
1a) If you list more than two picks, the first two are the only ones that count. So if you say "Hermione and Hagrid, and Neville too," your picks are Hermione and Hagrid. Neville may very well die, but you won't get credit for it.
2) Voldemort is not a valid pick. His death is assumed. You may, however, pick Voldemort to *live* as one of your picks
3) No submissions after the release
4) Winner gets bragging rights. And possibly some sort of title or nickname.
5) Please keep it relatively simple. Essay-length explanations of your picks, while quite possibly interesting enough to merit their own threads, will just make finding the winner more time consuming for me when it's all said and done.

I'll start.

My picks:
Harry Potter
Ron Weasley

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Posted by Pyre Dynasty (Member # 1947) on :
Harry Potter
Luna Lovegood (I've smelled it about her since I met her)
Posted by dee_boncci (Member # 2733) on :
Prof Snape and Hermione G.
Posted by Christine (Member # 1646) on :
Neville and Mad-Eye

I think Harry will make it, just for the record.

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Posted by KayTi (Member # 5137) on :

I actually thought that the news item I read indicated Rowling said the number of deaths was "more than 2" so...



Posted by J (Member # 2197) on :
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Posted by I am destiny on :
Percy i dont know why but it fits.... my guess....
another.... I think Dumbeldore lives.
~ D
Posted by spcpthook (Member # 3246) on :
Peter Pettigrew
Draco Malfoy

I'm all for the bad guys biting it. Pettigrew's been in several books so I'm counting him. Mostly because I really want him to die. I also believe Not only Dumbledore but Sirius black will still be found to be alive.

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Posted by JeffBarton (Member # 5693) on :
1. Severus Snape - He became a tragic irredeemable character. Now he's toast.
2. Neville Longbottom - because he shares the auspicious birthday with Harry.
Posted by wrenbird (Member # 3245) on :

I also believe that Sirius will come back, though not Dumbledore, which is a real shame.


Posted by mfreivald (Member # 3413) on :
wrenbird, I think Ginny is a good choice (though I'm not saying she's one of mine at the moment.) She's courageous and tough, and she just might be the one to step up and take the hit when it comes.

Neville seems to be a popular answer, but I think he has a special place in Rowling's heart, and I don't see her taking him out. He could rival Harry in heroics, though.

Ron and Hermione are obviously destined to be man and wife, so they both are going to make it. (There are some uncanny resemblances between Hermione and Mrs. Weasley.)

Maybe Snape, but I think he is ripe for a tranformation of character that could better be seen and appreciated if he survived.

A real surprise shot would be having one of the Dursleys step up and take the hit for Harry. I really like that idea--especially if its Dudley. But either parent would be cool, too.

Another idea I really like is to have the twins go down. They seem like the jokesters, but when the s**t hits the fan, they'll get serious and face doom even when they know it is certain.

I do have a hunch that little Draco is going to undergo a little "conversion," but he may also wind up being the guy who gives Harry the death blow after Harry completely defeats Voldemort.

I think Percy is going to get some kind of reality shock and come around. He's a good Prodigal Son.

Hagrid may be a good pick because he is obviously so caring, and would do absolutely anything for the kids. Plus, he is good for some exoneration. He's almost too good of a choice, though. Besides--as Harry said--there's no Hogwarts without Hagrid.

I think Harry is going to live, too. I don't think Rowling wants her legacy to be the deep depression of 75% of the children in the English speaking world.

(Boy--I must really care about this stuff.)

All right, already. My guesses are:

Mr. Weasley

(I'm leaning toward Draco if he turns against his father and sides with the good guys. But he lost out to Cho. I just have a feeling Rowling is going to really make Harry feel the pain. I keep trying to talk myself out of Mr. Weasley, but when I do, I find more reasons to choose him.)

Posted by mfreivald (Member # 3413) on :
He became a tragic irredeemable character.

I'm banking on Hagrid's naive faith. I think Snape's apparent treason was really him carrying out his duty.

I think Pettigrew will survive as the object of Harry's mercy. In spite of killing his parents, he digs deep and forgives.

Yes, since you asked, I'm bored out of my skull.

Posted by Christine (Member # 1646) on :
If we want to get into more complex theories, we might want to move them to another thread so that this one can continue as it was designed -- a simple betting pole (where the winner gets bragging rights). I have plenty of opinions too and don't mind sharing, but didn't feel that this was the best thread for it.
Posted by J (Member # 2197) on :
Added rule 5 above.
Posted by mfreivald (Member # 3413) on :
I apologize for cluttering things up, but my words above are nothing close to complex theory. They are nothing but the yammerings of a completely exhausted individual who could not unwind and get to sleep.
Posted by Robert Nowall (Member # 2764) on :
I'm sure when the book comes out, we'll hear of it. I'm not one of those inclined to shut out any and all details of a book I'm thinking of reading---I'll tune out what's necesary and enjoy the journey getting there. (When I first got the last volume of "The Lord of the Rings" I turned at once to the "Mount Doom" chapter.)
Posted by Lynda (Member # 3574) on :
Snape will probably die to help save Harry, who I believe will live. Hagrid will probably die too, or Arthur or Molly Weasley.

JKR said more than two people die, so I'll add Percy, Draco and Flitwick, who may come NEAR dying (he's bound to be a brave little man!) and survive after all.

Dumbledore is dead - JKR said you can't reverse death in her world. But he should be a help to Harry either through his portrait or as a ghost, perhaps.

JMO - and BTW - saw the film last night and it was GREAT!!!!


Posted by Rommel Fenrir Wolf II (Member # 4199) on :
lets drop a 300Megatun Nuke on their school and end it all.
Rommel Fenrir Wolf II
Posted by WobblyG (Member # 2055) on :
There will be a lot more than two die. In a recent interview on BBC she used the term “bloodbath”.

My picks:

1. Snape

2. Fred or George (But only one of them. The other will live.)



Posted by J (Member # 2197) on :
That's three picks. Just to clarify, under the "first two" rule, you've picked Snape and Fred.
Posted by Christine (Member # 1646) on :
I think we're all clear that more than 2 people will die. I got the impression that picking 2 choices was just to keep the pool simple. We don't know how many will die, exactly, but we do know that at least that many will die since Rowling said she had killed 2 more than she intended. But if anyone is allowed to list an indefinite # of names, then the pool becomes meaningless. Why not list all the characters? You're sure to be right on some of them.

P.S. I don't know how anyone else feels, but I would accept Fred or George as one person...frankly, that's how they come across in the books.

Posted by WobblyG (Member # 2055) on :
That's fine. I'll take Fred. I think its a crapshoot which of the twins dies, but I think having one die and the other live ups the emotional stakes.

So my corrected picks are:

1. Snape

2. Fred

(I also put 50 galleons on Ireland to win the World Cup but Crumm to get the Snitch.)

Posted by franc li (Member # 3850) on :
Harry dies.
Voldemort survives the showdown with Harry but is the killed by Bellatrix.

Umbridge must die! I wish.

Posted by HuntGod (Member # 2259) on :
1 - Dumbledore (I'm still not 100% sure he is dead)

2 - Neville Longbottom

Posted by Zero (Member # 3619) on :
I hope Dumbledore is dead. His death was necessary so Harry can finally be the end-all hero in the last book.

Those who will not die:
Hermione and Ron, what can I say they were pegged to be together since book 2.

Those who might die:
Harry and Ginny

Those who will die:
Voldemort and Neville, and possibly you if you get mad at me for "breaking" your rules :P

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Posted by J (Member # 2197) on :

Right now you've only made one pick--Neville. (See Rule 2). Please make another.

(I ain't mad, so don't kill me).

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Posted by Lord Darkstorm (Member # 1610) on :
I say Ron and Hermione...
Posted by Mig (Member # 3318) on :
Hagrid and Percy

Percy has been out of the picture for a while and the book needs a big payoff to redeem the character who's been out of the picture for a while.

Apart from Prof. McGonagall, Hagrid is the kids' main protector at school. JKR said she cried after killing off one character, and I can see her crying after the death of Hagrid.

I don't think that killing Harry makes thematic sense. His mother sacrificed herself to safe him. Harry's death would seem to render that sacrifice insignificant.

My only caviat about these two picks is that I don't think these deaths would have the emotional impact that the death of one of the three main kids would have.

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Posted by Zero (Member # 3619) on :
J is right, so, very well, Hagrid will also die.
Posted by SchamMan89 (Member # 5562) on :
I believe the house elf Kreacher will die. He seems like he has some sort of part to play in the seventh book.

I also think that Hagrid will die. Hagrid was the one who found Harry in the muggle world. Hagrid watches over him at all times. Besides Ron and Hermione, Hagrid is the most important person in Harry's life. Having Hagrid killed would make Harry snap.

Another note: I believe Neville will kill Voldemort. I think Harry won't be capable of killing Voldemort, and may even lose his life in the battle. Neville may become the Boy Who Killed You Know Who.


Posted by tigertinite (Member # 4803) on :
My logic is as such, every Character that I liked has inevitably died by the end of the series(Probably why I don't read series to their completion)Therefore by my logic:

1.Snape(although he may not be totally dead my sister and I have this crazy theory about a horcrux and Animagi)

2.Mad-Eye Moody

Posted by RMatthewWare (Member # 4831) on :
Mr. Weasley

Posted by Corky (Member # 2714) on :
In book 4, Dumbledore told Harry that there would come a time when he would be glad that he didn't kill Peter Pettigrew (shades of Gandalf talking to Frodo about Gollum), so I figure Peter Pettigrew will die.

I will go with the idea that Kreacher will die, too. I suspect Regulus Black took Kreacher along when he went to steal the locket horcrux, and that Regulus made Kreacher drink the magic stuff so he could replace the locket horcrux with a fake locket, and I think that stuff he drank helped to make Kreacher so nasty.

Posted by J (Member # 2197) on :
Great theory!
Posted by Robert Nowall (Member # 2764) on :
Geez...I'm starting to look forward to getting the rest of the series and sitting down and reading it. I won't be in line on Day One but I'll pick them up the next week for sure. (I've got the first four, and lack the last three.)

I just read an interesting online essay on The Twilight Zone and tragedy, which didn't involve Harry Potter but has some application here nonetheless. In the olden days (the early 1960s here) a show (or a book) didn't mind portraying tragedy and didn't mind having a character die. In these latter days, often the writer (or director or producer) are afraid of hurting their marketability by having heroes (or even villains) get killed---there can't be a sequel if the lead character is killed off in defeat.

I hope Rowling can defy this trend---I'll accept the death of any character, of even of all of them, unlikely as that may be. I think I'll go out on a limb and say, yes, Harry Potter will die.

(But if he doesn't, I don't mind.)

Posted by SilentOne (Member # 4814) on :
Mrs. Weasley, because of all that the hero needs to be alone at the end thing, and she treats him like a son.

Peter Pettigrew because of the life debt.

Posted by Zero (Member # 3619) on :
My new picks are:
1) Harry Potter
2) Snape
Posted by J (Member # 2197) on :

For fairness's sake, I'm going to have to make a call on this and say you are stuck with your original picks--no changes.

The thread had no explicit rules regarding whether picks could be modified. The rules do say that you are stuck with your first two picks though. It's a close call, but in light of the fact that spoilers are available online now, I think we've got to close up shop. No revisions.

Posted by J (Member # 2197) on :
Posted by Zero (Member # 3619) on :
well...technically my revised picks are prior to that post...

but no, I shall play by the rules like a good chap

Posted by J (Member # 2197) on :
Yeah, I know. Sorry. There were no good options.
Posted by Christine (Member # 1646) on :
I am SO frustrated by some of the major leaks going around. I just want to enjoy the book on Saturday. I'm planning to go to a release party -- have been for months -- but now I admit to being a little afraid that someone who has read a pirated book or even the New York Times' article will shout out "Harry lives!" or "Harry dies!' (I don't know which...I'm trying my best to avoid the spoilers.) I would be SOOOO upset. I have only be waiting for this book for years now.


Posted by dee_boncci (Member # 2733) on :
I hear you Christine,

I'm walking around with my fingers stuck in my ears singing la-la-la-la-la. And I'm not even what I would consider a huge HP fan.

I'll be ripped if I hear a spoiler.

Posted by kings_falcon (Member # 3261) on :
From what I've heard, the NY Times article isn't really a spoiler. There is no indication who dies (and we all know that people die in it) although I am sure people are reading into the headline that went with it. But I agree it would have been better to hold the review until Sat.


Posted by kings_falcon (Member # 3261) on :
FYI - Spoiler Free!!!

Thought I'd pass this offer along:

If you advance order a copy before DH goes on sale at midnight tomorrow from: - the books are being signed by Mary GrandPré, the illustrator. If you buy the deluxe edition or DH and one other hard cover Harry book, Books of Wonder is including posters (24 inches wide by 10 inches) of all seven dust covers. It looks like they might be out of the Deluxe Edition of DH.

Books of Wonder is a really amazing children's book store in New York City.


Posted by Lynda (Member # 3574) on :
I've read both the NY Times article and the Baltimore Sun article - both have spoilers in them. If you don't want to read them, don't do it. I read them because I wanted to write the NY Times (the only one I knew about at the time) to yell at them for being real life Rita Skeeters. The Leaky Cauldron had a suggested letter for folks to copy, but I've participated in letter-writing campaigns before - using a form letter means your letter will be ignored. I suppose I have to write a similar one to the Baltimore Sun now. And then there's the guy who was one of the about 120 who had their book delivered on the 17th - he put it on ebay and sold it for $250, guaranteeing delivery by the 18th - can you imagine somebody paying $250 to get a book TWO+ DAYS EARLY?! Yikes.


Posted by Robert Nowall (Member # 2764) on :
Oh, if you insist on mounting a protest---don't copy a sample letter. Just put in your own words why the New York Times are a bunch of slimy weasels and send it to them. (You are a writer, aren't you? If not, why are you here?) It'll be better for them to get a bunch of letters looking like they're written by individuals, than a bunch all taken from one source.
Posted by Lynda (Member # 3574) on :
Robert, I was part of one of the first "grass-roots efforts" to save a TV show back in the 1980's. I know how these things are done (but thanks for the advice). My letter compared them to "not-a-good-role-model-for-journalists" Rita Skeeter. THAT was an original take, nothing like what Leaky suggested.


Posted by Lynda (Member # 3574) on :
And for those who think Dumbledore's still alive (after that fall PLUS the AK curse???), JKR answered a child's question on a program today (you can find more about it on The Leaky Cauldron)

>>Harry, 11, from Trowbridge:”Why did you decide to kill Dumbledore in the 6th Harry Potter book?”

J.K. Rowling: “Not because I’m horrible, but because it’s an important part of the story. And he is dead.”<<

Of course, she could be lying just to keep us guessing . . . I guess by tomorrow, a lot of us will know the truth of the matter!



Posted by wrenbird (Member # 3245) on :
Dumbledore is definitely dead.
It's Sirius that isn't.
You'll see.


Posted by Lynda (Member # 3574) on :
I believe Sirius is really dead too (I always have). I think they added the AK curse to his death scene in the film to ensure fans REALLY UNDERSTAND that he's dead.

JKR has said many times that death isn't reversable. I think if she shows someone's dead in the books, they're dead.


Posted by Zero (Member # 3619) on :
Dumbledore must be dead for the very reason that Harry must not be in anybody's shadow during the final chapters of his story. Since this is the 7th book of a 7 book series it's time for him to be the actual hero.

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