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Posted by mikemunsil (Member # 2109) on :
Hi guys! Long time no write...

We're having an ad hoc Shared World challenge over at Liberty Hall and I thought some of you would be interested.

More info is here:

To enter you have to become a member of LH, but that's fairly easy. Just go to our Join Us page and follow directions. If you want you can reference this post, so I'll know immediately to let you in.

Join Us:

No, you won't get spammed. No, there are no obligations other than the basics of being courteous etc. I'm doing this out of respect for what Kathleen and Scott do and as my small way of saying thanks to them and the other members of Hatrack.

And if you don't want to do the challenge at LH, you can always do one here, using your own shared world. Feel free to copy the rules off the LH post and modify them to your advantage.


Mike Munsil
Liberty Hall Writers

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