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Posted by LDWriter2 (Member # 9148) on :
So here are the first of the openings.

They may not all be the same 13 lines I was sent, the number of lines can change with the font and format but I will try to get as close as possible.

One might be known already if you have read the original thread I have asked them to delete the opening and put in something else like "Hi There" but so far they haven't. Hopefully they are not too confused with my phrasing.

Not sure what to do until they do.
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Entry ONE:

We started life, long ago, a few feet from each other. We shared the shade of the mother who seeded us. We grew from the same rain, the same sun, the same earth. You were my closest friend, and as we grew, we grew closer.
The other trees seemed so different from us. It seemed to me as if they were always watching us. They spoke to us, quiet and unknowing of the connection we shared, to not grow together. It was dangerous, they’d warn, what we were doing. Stretch yourselves the other way, mother would tell us. Reach your roots into the earth and dig in deep. Settle for yourself your own space, your own foundation. If you share ground, there will not be enough space for both. One will win the patch of earth, and the other will wither and die.
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Entry TWO:

87. The red-lettered display on the wall finally matched the little stub of paper in Devany’s hand. Her wings itched under the corduroy jacket she wore.

 She walked past rows of plastic chairs, trying to ignore the smorgasbord of smells in the room. Tobacco. Wet diapers. A faint, musty whiff of wood sprite. She spotted the sprite across the room, sporting a Hawaiian shirt with neon-pink hibiscus flowers.

 Devany hated these obligatory monthly visits, but she would never consider skipping one. Maybe this time, someone would help her rescue Addison.

Smoothing her short-cropped brown hair as she walked down the hall, Devany made her way to the office of the Regional Assistant Administrator for the Supervision of Magical Persons.
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So A late comer I didn't post oops.

I leaned my head back, and back some more. They grew tall trees around here. The soft whisper of the crowd faded as I stared. Every time I see the Giant Sequoias my mind goes tilt but I enjoy the sight. I breathed in through my nose, they smell nice too. Very tree-ish. I almost wanted to chew on the bark of one. The taste would be wood but very fresh wood, I imagined. The enjoyment turned out to be only one reason I was here, I didn’t know the second one yet though.
No doubt about it, I sounded like a love starved teen. My staff is made from one so I have an affinity with them. Yes, staff, my name is Jim Greek and I’m a Mage. I do what many call magic. I don’t think of it as magic and neither do many of my colleagues. The forces I manipulate are too natural and take too

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But after three full entries I had a hunch of who would vote on whom-s so I decided on a three way tie.

But before I list the names I wonder if anyone would try to guess whose is whose from the 13 lines.

Nice stories.
Posted by LDWriter2 (Member # 9148) on :
Number one is by Sheena

Two is Pat

Three is mine.

I said it was a three way tie but I believe Sheena's would be the first listed on the tie. Encourage her to get it published so you all can read it. Different from what I expected but a bit on the tear jerker side that's good with this one.

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