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Posted by billawaboy (Member # 8182) on :

Craig Venter does it again. This guy should be up for a Nobel or something. First the genome, now this?

anyways, maybe Craig should design one that'll collect (ahem) spilled (ahem) oil in it's vacuoles for later collection?

It'd make a nice scifi story atleast...


Posted by Robert Nowall (Member # 2764) on :
I suppose the next step would be a multicellular organism...hope they have a good union when they organize...
Posted by Lyrajean (Member # 7664) on :
Love it. For story ideas at least, its fabulous.

Especially since it mentions 'watermark sequences'. I tried a concept like that in my novel where some engineeered seed grain is 'tagged' for controled export only and a bunch of pirates/smugglers hire my main character to undo it.

My reader critiqued the possibility of something like that being done. I win!

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