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Posted by philocinemas (Member # 8108) on :
I have not been writing much for past nine months. In December of last year I accepted a "promotion" that promised me "more time off" and other benefits for taking a salaried position as a supervisor with my company. "Salaried" meant a significant pay-cut in exchange, supposedly, for more personal time.

This was not the case. I have since been inundated with paperwork that has consistently taken up my weekends. In addition, I am so sick of reading the notes from my clinicians, some of whom have masters degrees and cannot write a grammatically correct sentence, that it dissuades me from wanting to read anything.

Therefore I am voluntarily, of my own request, returning to my earlier higher-paying position that allowed me greater freedom and more time off. I will also be making a concerted effort to write at least one short story every couple of months. I hope to join others who have recently entered the winners' circle, whether through WOTF or within the pages of some of sci-fi's greatest mags.

I hereby throw down the gauntlet and challenge you, my fellow Hatrackers who haven't "made it" yet, to beat me there.

Good luck,


Posted by Kathleen Dalton Woodbury (Member # 59) on :
Wow, philocinemas, they actually let you do that?

Good for you! Write on!

Posted by genevive42 (Member # 8714) on :
Challenge accepted. Shall we wager a hypothetical quarter?
Posted by philocinemas (Member # 8108) on :
Yes, Kathleen, they did. I had a discussion with my director at the beginning of this month, and I will officially be returning to my old position a week from this coming Monday. At this moment, or at least at moments surrounding this moment, I am reading my last batch of progress notes.

Hypothetical quarter wager accepted, genevive42

Posted by Pyre Dynasty (Member # 1947) on :
I'm in, I'll throw an invisible portrait of Irving Forbrush in the pot.
Posted by satate (Member # 8082) on :
I haven't written all summer. The kids were home and I always felt behind on something, mostly cleaning, and we were constantly on the go. Now that the kids are back in school (except for one)I am finding time, specifically during my daughter's daily nap. My new goal is to write Monday through Friday during her nap. So I guess I'll join you and throw in a batch of fudge.
Posted by Robert Nowall (Member # 2764) on :
By my count I've got four things I've started this year alone, that I haven't finished. Three have complete rough drafts that are in various states of revision; one is just something I never finished. Probably an aggregate total of, oh, fifty thousand words, just sitting there, oppressing me.

I hereby pledge to move at least two of them further along on the "finished" trail before my next major shutdown---vacation---in October. That's almost two months time and I should be able to do something between then and now. (What I'll do with them then is up for grabs.)

Posted by axeminister (Member # 8991) on :
Yes, Kathleen, they did. I had a discussion with my director...
After reading your first post, my eyes read that last word as dictator.

I accept your challenge as well Philo, however, should you win I shall buy you a drink. Somewhere, somehow, I'll find a way to get it to you even if the bartender spins a computer monitor on its swivel and says "this one's on him" and my goofy mug is on the screen.


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