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Posted by philocinemas (Member # 8108) on :
Let me begin by stating that as a young man I was inexplicably shy and did not date much, mostly due to my inability to approach and communicate with women that I found attractive. However, in retrospect, I have become aware of signs and situations that would suggest to me that there was some interest on the aforementioned females' parts. For those of you still looking, here are some tell-tale signs:

1 - She chooses to sit beside or across from you when there are other seats available elsewhere in the area.
2 - She greets you without you speaking to her first, especially if you are relatively stationary.
3 - She compliments you or asks your opinion on something (not male-related) without you initiating conversation.
4 - She is always smiling and/or waving at you as you pass by her.
5 - She discusses music or some other source of entertainment with you more than once and/or offers to let you borrow item regardless of whether you are greatly interested.
6 - She invites you or suggests you should go somewhere that she intends to go.
7 - She begins to spend more time around you (and only you) AND becomes more provocative in her attire.
8 - She asks for help doing something that you are fairly confident she can do independently without difficulty.
9 - She increases physical contact, brushing or leaning up against you, touching, etc. (hugs do not always count).
10 - She asks you out - this is usually a ringer (unless she has recently expressed interest in someone else and has not been out with them yet).

Posted by rich (Member # 8140) on : have a wallet full of cash and plenty of ones.

Watching Sixteen Candles for like the third night in a row--can't help it, it's been on VH1 for what seems all week. Brings back lotsa good memories. And I really mean that.

By the way, it's a much better movie than The Breakfast Club. I will not argue about this.

Posted by aspirit (Member # 7974) on :
philo, I like how these signs are ordered by intensity. The first few could be signs from a potential friend and the last few are strong indicators of romantic interest. Best of all, they're realistic.

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