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Posted by Kaliea56 (Member # 10606) on :
Is this really necessary? I mean, it's not like this interview can actually be published. My identity is a secret for a reason.

Ugh, fine.


Hi, I'm Angela Farr, though most people in Solace recognize me as Guardian Angel.

What's Solace? Are you kidding? It's only the biggest city in Virginia. Almost a million people live there.

You still haven't heard of it? Ben! Who are these people you've set me up with?

An alternate dimension? This isn't a comic book!

Sorry about that, Ben is my sponsor/manager when I'm Guardian Angel, and he often forgets to tell me things like how he invented a dimension-hopping device for the purpose of getting me an interview.

If you think that's impossible, how do you think I must feel? I've never traveled between dimensions before.
Anyway, back on topic.

I'm seventeen and three-quarters, as my Uncle Kale likes to remind me. I've lived with him and his wife Sara for the last twelve months after my stepfather Scott was murdered right in front of me, and since my mom died when I was seven, that left Kale and Sara as my guardians until I turn eighteen.

Yes, that is my 'origin story'. Why do superheroes always have to have an origin story anyway? Why can't someone just wake up someday and say "you know what, I'm going to become a superhero today."?

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Posted by H Reinhold (Member # 10553) on :
Is your father still alive? If so, why not live with him?

Do you know any other real-life superheroes, or just ones from comic books? Who is your inspiration?
Posted by extrinsic (Member # 8019) on :
Superheroes are ordained gods. Gods need origin myths that appeal to mortals. Well, actually, mortals need gods' origin myths in order to believe in gods.

Gods too, superheroes as well, must stand for a cause.

Angela Farr, what is your cause? More than a life calling cause, the incitement cause that compels your vigilante deeds? Scott's murder? The murderer returns to town? (A stranger comes or a prodigal scion returns to town as cause for action?)

What more? A private and public cause, like basks in the night's shadows of limelight glories? Shattered identity made cope-able by vigilante acts and yet no less fragile until social and self-identity reintegrate.
Posted by Grumpy old guy (Member # 9922) on :
What one choice do you hope you never have to make?

Posted by Kaliea56 (Member # 10606) on :
Wow, lots of questions at once. Well, first things first, I guess.

No, my father isn't alive. He was killed in an armed robbery when I was three so I don't remember him except for what Mom and Scott told me. Well, and pictures, but in the pictures he's only two years older than me so it's hard to think of him as 'Dad'. Scott's been the only father I've ever known.

Do I have a cause? That's a loaded question. I guess I do, I mean, I must right? You don't just go into superheroing for no reason.

In a way, you could say Scott was my inspiration though not so much his death as his life. He taught me that a true hero isn't someone who does something to be seen, but someone who does something unseen because it's right.

Which is why I'm not all that thrilled at Mr. Billionaire back there who decided to plaster my face all over lunchboxes.

I guess, to bare bones it, I became a hero because someone was in trouble, and if I'm in a situation where I can help, I will. No matter what the cost to me.

As for a decision I never want to make, that's easy. I never want to be forced to choose between two people that I love. It's an impossible choice, and one I'm not sure I could make even if forced.

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Posted by Disgruntled Peony (Member # 10416) on :
What power(s) do you have, if any?

How does being a superhero affect your daily life?

How did Ben the Billionaire become your sponsor?
Posted by Kaliea56 (Member # 10606) on :
Powers? Don't be silly, I'm not a fictional character. I'm a mixed martial artist. Scott studied various forms while he traveled with the marines and when he came to live with me and Mom he opened a dojo/studio for adults but he made an exception to his 'no kids' rule for me.

And yeah, day to day life is pretty crazy. I once ran out of class with the excuse that my cat needed a ballgown for the police ball. Please don't judge me, a tenement in Mayberry Park was on fire, and no one is particularly keen on saving anyone from Mayberry Park.

As for Ben, he Googled me. "Blonde martial artists in Solace, VA." Apparently I'm better known than expected. Of course, genius that he is, Ben wiped out all trace of me on the net so Google can't expose me anymore...I think...I should probably ask him to be sure. He has a tendency to forget real life things and focus on less important things. Like a dimension hopper. [Roll Eyes]

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Posted by Bent Tree (Member # 7777) on :
What is your favorite thing about where you live?
what is the worst thing?

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