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  Topic Forum Date
1 Please Look After Mom, by Kyung-sook Shin (post #32) Discussing Published Hooks & Books
2 Theotokos (post #21) Fragments and Feedback for Short Works
3 Showing v. Telling (post #3) Open Discussions About Writing
4 Slush Readers Wanted (post #12) Open Discussions About Writing
5 What is your personal writing frustration? (post #2) Open Discussions About Writing
6 Chapter 1 for 2094 (post #2) Fragments and Feedback for Books
7 New Writer Here - brleed (post #2) Next, Please Introduce Yourself
8 if you're registered, you agreed to this (post #6) Please Read Here First
9 How do you log in once you're registered? (post #3) Please Read Here First
10 An attempt to explain how this forum is moderated (post #4) Please Read Here First
11 Making use of the Fragments and Feedback area (post #18) Please Read Here First
12 you are supposed to be critiquing not rewriting (post #25) Please Read Here First
13 Responding to feedback (post #3) Please Read Here First
14 How to tell if it's exactly 13 lines (post #7) Please Read Here First
15 Why only 13 lines? (post #4) Please Read Here First
16 lyrics are too short for fair use (post #4) Please Read Here First
17 Viewing older posts on the forum (post #5) Please Read Here First
18 Getting the Toes Wet (post #4) Next, Please Introduce Yourself
19 Voice vs Style (post #3) Open Discussions About Writing
20 Night's Shadow (post #47) Fragments and Feedback for Short Works
21 Random musings. (post #3918) Grist for the Mill
22 About time. ;) (post #37) Hatrack Writers - Publications & Reviews
23 Poetic-prose passages? (post #4) Open Discussions About Writing
24 Dramatis Personae (post #17) Open Discussions About Writing
25 Dramatica Theory (post #70) Open Discussions About Writing
26 Word Count or Quality? (post #15) Open Discussions About Writing
27 Some thoughts on Rowling. (post #30) Open Discussions About Writing
28 The Ascent Made Him Plunge (post #5) Fragments and Feedback for Short Works
29 Writer Problems (post #10) Grist for the Mill
30 grammer question 3 (post #6) Open Discussions About Writing
31 another grammer question. (post #13) Open Discussions About Writing
32 Shannara Chron. Your take? (post #8) Discussing Published Hooks & Books
33 proper format question (post #3) Open Discussions About Writing
34 January 18, 2016 Did You Write? (post #5) Open Discussions About Writing
35 13 LineChallenge - Snow/Ice and Faith/Resolution (post #18) Writing Challenges
36 Anybody Gonna See the New "Star Wars" Movie? (post #14) Discussing Published Hooks & Books
37 What if my writing doesn't fit any pro market? (post #3) Open Discussions About Writing
38 I'm about to start getting rejected (post #8) Open Discussions About Writing
39 Going Actual (post #10) Fragments and Feedback for Short Works
40 onthepremises.com Changes contest (post #4) Markets for Our Writing
41 It’s all a matter of confidence (post #44) Open Discussions About Writing
42 There and Back (Here) Again... (post #2) Next, Please Introduce Yourself
43 Dying is no way to live, Sci-fi (2,200 words) (post #6) Fragments and Feedback for Short Works
44 NSG NaNo Check-In for 11/27 (post #4) Hatrack Groups
45 NSG NaNo Check-In for 11/24 (post #2) Hatrack Groups
46 Show, don't tell? Maybe not. (post #2) Discussing Published Hooks & Books
47 changing names of characters, objects, cities. (post #6) Open Discussions About Writing
48 odd self torture (post #5) Open Discussions About Writing
49 Young, and Psycho (post #14) Fragments and Feedback for Short Works
50 Where's Alice? (post #11) Fragments and Feedback for Short Works

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