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Signed OSC Books for Christmas

Orson Scott Card is once again partnering with Barnes & Noble in Greensboro NC to provide signed and personalized books for Christmas.

To make an order, please contact the store at crm2795@bn.com The store will then contact you to complete your order.

This offer is from the Greensboro, NC Barnes & Noble only. Do not contact your local store.

Orders will be taken through Monday, 12 December.

Only The following books will be available:

Pathfinder Trilogy boxed sets in both hardcover and trade paperback.
Includes: Pathfinder, Ruins, Visitors.

Hardcovers of:
Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, The Swarm, Pathfinder, Ruins, Visitors, The Lost Gate, The Gate Thief, Gatefather

Trade paperbacks of:
Enchantment, Magic Street

Check out other great books for Christmas at the Hatrack Store

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