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Other Information About Ender's Game
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Other Interesting Facts
  • Twenty-two years after the story of Ender Wiggin first appeared in print, Orson Scott Card learned that the name "Ender" really exists - in Turkish. The name means "one in a million" or "something that is rarely found" - an extraordinarily appropriate name for Ender Wiggin. Card affirms, however, that he had no notion that the name actually existed in any language - he coined it only to allow the title "Ender's Game" to be reminiscent of "endgame" in chess. The correspondent who informed Card of the meaning of the name is himself named Ender. "Many people are named Önder in Turkey," he writes, "so Ender is a rare name even in Turkey."

  • Ender's Game #32 on Amazon.com -- The Best of Millennium Poll

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