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Hidden Empire

Hidden Empire

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B estselling writer Orson Scott Card returns to the near-future world created for Empire - a world where the international power of the United States has grown too fast, and the fault lines at home have been stressed to the breaking point. The war of words between Right and Left collapsed into a shooting war, and raged between the high-technology weapons on each side, devastating cities, and over-running the countryside.

When the American dream shatters into violence, who could hold the people and the government together?

At the close of Empire, political scientist and government advisor Averell Torrent has maneuvered himself into the Presidency of the United States in the aftermath of the devastating insurrection and civil war. But the truth is, he engineered that war, and becoming President is just the next step in his plan. Now that he has complete power, he has two goals: To expand the American imperial power around the world, and to control or silence the very few people who know that he was behind the assassination of the last elected President.

But Captain Bartholomew Coleman, known as Cole to his friends and enemies alike, sees the danger Torrent poses to American democracy. Cole quickly runs afoul of Torrent; on the run, he'll need to find hard evidence to prove what he knows to be true.

Copyright © 2009 Orson Scott Card

A Tor Book - Published by Tom Doherty Associates, LLC.
Jacket art by Bob Warner

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