QUESTION: So when are we going to see your "Secular Humanist Revival Meeting" published again? We're swinging into another election year and the religious nutcases are likely to be out in force again, and I think it'd be a wonderful addition to your Web site. I'd heard a tape of one performance, and I'd love to see the thing transcribed into text.


"The Secular Humanist Revival Meeting" is still available on tape, as it has been for years; it's not my fault if demand has dropped to zero . As for this coming election year, I'm stunned that somebody would regard "religious nut cases" as the enemy. Religious nut cases aren't running the government right now. In case you haven't noticed, the people running the government right now are the ones who think guys who disgrace their office and lie to us about it and attack savagely anyone who dares to criticize them should be president. With nut cases like that actually in power, why in the world would you want to attack the utterly powerless religious right?