My class was split up into two groups and every person in my group had to read a different book, written by you, and compare them. One of the things we noticed is that the number seven comes up in your books very often, Such as in Alvin Maker, He is the seventh son of a seventh son, and in Ender's Game, Ender's father is a seventh son, and more sevens in Wyrms.Is there any reason for this? Does it have anything to do with your religous beliefs?


No, I use the sevens, not because they're significant to me, but because they're so significant to OTHER people. It's considered by many to be a lucky or powerful number, and so when I'm writing about a culture where such a number might have great power, I pick on seven because I have a good chance that my readers will also feel some cultural resonance with the number. However, now that you've pointed out how many times I've used it, I will make an effort NOT to use it again <grin>.