My question is when I finished Speaker for the Dead I remember reading that when Ender was in light speed space travel he loses all contact with Jane and when he comes out she gives him a follow up on what he missed. I just started Xenocide yesterday and I am reading the section with Miro in lightspeed travel. He says he is in contact with Jane the whole time. How could this be if Ender could not originally do it in speaker for the dead, or am I missing something entirely? I thought I should ask the source since you are the mind behind the work.


It wasn't something Ender did, it was something Jane did. In Speaker, Jane was still pretending to be just a piece of convenient software. She didn't want to tip her hand about the degree of control she had over the computers in starships, etc. By the time Miro has Jane with him, there is nothing to conceal, so she can do what she could have done all along.