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Posted by sve (Member # 5456) on :
So I stumbled upon an interview with Orson Scott Card done in InQuest magazine (, and OSC makes brief mention of the capstone novel in the Enderverse being called "Mazer Rackham." I don't know when this interview took place, but does anyone know more about this project and whether it will indeed come to fruition? If this interview was in the pre-Shadow days, then I'm guessing that OSC shelved the Mazer Rackham project and instead decided to focus on Bean. Has anyone heard about this project?
Posted by Papa Moose (Member # 1992) on :
Last I heard there was going to be an audio short story about Mazer, not a novel. Haven't heard anything about a release yet, though.

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Posted by Eiskalte (Member # 5438) on :
Ask youself this, do we NEED these millions of Enderverse books?
Posted by Charles7782 (Member # 5214) on :
if Mr.Card likes to write ender books and people buy em then its not up to the few to say we need em or not he writes what he likes he is an artist after all.

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Posted by Book (Member # 5500) on :
They still sell well, so people still like em, apparently.
Posted by Laurenz0 (Member # 5336) on :
Ask youself this, do we NEED these millions of Enderverse books?
I'd make that argument about tolkien, but only because he didn't do anything else. If Card wants to create a universe like tolkien did, I completely support it.
Posted by Lee M. (Member # 5203) on :
Yes,Yes we do....well thats wut I think,thats why I enjoy OSC literature so much,becasue of the Ender Sagas
Posted by CalvinMaker (Member # 2032) on :
I recently asked the Cards about the Mazer audio story, and so far, it's at least on hold, if it even happens.
Posted by wieczorek (Member # 5565) on :
I don't know if a Mazer Rackham novel would be all too interesting, but if anyone can do it, it's OSC. [Big Grin]

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Posted by Bricks-N-Sandwiches (Member # 5603) on :
That would be a great prequal....and perhaps have alternating chapters as the hivequeens try and interpret the strange behavior of this planets "Drones" tell the first war from both sides then the second...probably in the same set...Oh I wish for too much though...if the idea has already been relegated to *shudders* audio then what hope do we have of learning more about the origins of the conflict that lead to EG.
Posted by wieczorek (Member # 5565) on :
That is a good idea, bricks - to "hear" the hivequeen and her workers conversing - what would you say to describe how they converse? Telepathic communication? I also agree - this couldn't get too descriptive or it may contradict all of the Ender and Shadow books... not that OSC would let that happen. [Big Grin]

"Remember, the enemy's gate is down"
Posted by Papa Moose (Member # 1992) on :
I imagine it would be similar in structure to the story of the Hectors in The Monkeys Thought 'Twas All in Fun from Maps. Too complex a structure to use for a whole novel, but I think I might be disappointed if the tale of the Hive Queen were shortened too much, so I'd probably end up dissatisfied in some way. Of course, I'd still buy it and read it and love it, but that's me.


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