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Posted by j0ntar (Member # 1352) on :
Since your all pretty intelligent here, i thought this might be interesting for you. It not your usual tear down the system, "anarchy rules", conspiracy theory. It has heart and basis its entire set of rules on Imagination. Needless to say the man has done his homework, spiritually and scholarly. He had me woo'ed for a few hours of reading. You shouldnt have to ask what this has to do with OSC, most of his books are written with Great Imagination.

**note that is part 1, there are 5 parts.
Posted by Maccabeus (Member # 3051) on :
Where are the other parts?

It was an amusing read, but I don't buy it for a second. Sounds like someone has taken _Mage:the Ascension_ too seriously.
Posted by Eiskalte (Member # 5438) on :
"Childhood dreams are all based on imagination, and when we either fulfill these dreams or abandon them, we feel a let down. We feel we are now entering into a different phase, one which demands more linear thinking and action."

Ambition, not imagination. There's quite a difference between the two.
Posted by Eiskalte (Member # 5438) on :
Up untill a man is about twenty-five, he feels like he can be the most badass person on the street. Hey, i can go join a monastery and learn how to fight with swords. Or hey, i can spend every day of my life training with a gun and be the best shot in the world.
-inexact exerpt from Snow Crash

Its ambition that drives us, not imagination, therein lies the flaw of that peice literature.

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