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Posted by Scooter (Member # 6915) on :
Just finished Lost Boys. I'm wondering if I missed something (don't read on if you haven't read the book)


The older son playing the computer games (pirate ship, train)--what do you make of what was really going on there? The boy (sorry, his name escapes me) would cheer on his dead friends while watching the "games"--I'm not sure there was much of an explanation given for what was going on, other than it was easy to speculate that somehow the dead spirits were captured in the computer at times--and perhaps they were working on becoming visible.

Anway, curious if anyone has any more specific insight on what was going on there (and of course the creator of the book is welcome to chime in as well--to say the least).

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Posted by Orson Scott Card (Member # 209) on :
The computer was one of the ways the boys played together. They weren't "captured" so much as they were using the computer to create a shared world to live in, temporarily.
Posted by Scooter (Member # 6915) on :

It's an honor to get a response from you, though I know you would scoff at the semiworship (if I may coin such a word).
Posted by Orson Scott Card (Member # 209) on :
I don't scoff at "semiworship." I merely recognize that you are making the common mistake of thinking that the writer of admirable characters is somehow as worthy of honor as those characters are. But I remember that I also invented the characters that you (quite properly) loathe. And I hope you won't get me confused with THEM.
Posted by Scooter (Member # 6915) on :
Well, I also read just about everything else you produce, but I also realize that you are human like anyone else, but you are gracious with your time and comments when you could easily (and by most people's standards, justifiably) be completely absorbed in your other endeavors.

Yeah, I know, you can say you enjoy this and therefore it isn't altruistic...

Anway, I enjoy your talent and appreciate the opportunity to get a very minor behind the scenes look once in a while.

Thanks again!
Posted by Irregardless (Member # 8529) on :
Interesting. I had kind of wondered the same thing as Scooter -- I guess it seemed like more than just 'playing' since Stevie got so upset when Step wanted to prevent him from playing, as though it would somehow do real harm to the lost boys, instead of merely leaving them bored.
Posted by Orson Scott Card (Member # 209) on :
Stevie was in the midst of trying to help the boys. If he lost one of his ways of keeping them involved with him, he might lose them entirely before being able to "save" them as he eventually does.

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