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Posted by johnsonweed (Member # 8114) on :
I like to think he is a baseball fan. [Big Grin]
Posted by ClaudiaTherese (Member # 923) on :
I hear tell he's big on the hoops (basketball).

*eyes twinkling, tongue in cheek
Posted by whoelse10 (Member # 9331) on :
basketball... the NBA playoffs are coming!! Which team do you suppourt?? I suppourt the New Jersey Nets and the Cavs w/ James!!
Posted by Jonathan Howard (Member # 6934) on :
To answer your question - absolutely so. I know for a fact that Mr Card knows whether or not he is a sports'-fan.
Posted by JustAskIndiana (Member # 9268) on :
Hmm that wasn't her question.
Posted by JennaDean (Member # 8816) on :
On the contrary, it was exactly her question.
Does anyone know if OSC is a sports fan?
OSC knows.
Posted by Noemon (Member # 1115) on :
In answer to what johnsonweed was actually asking (regardless of the literal meaning of the words used), Card has directly said several times that he is not a sports fan. It's possible that I'm misremembering, but I don't think so.
Posted by ThePersonMan (Member # 9440) on :
Why watch any of that when theres the Battle Room ("After years of watching children flying, Football is like watching slugs bash into each other" from Ender's Game, by Graff)
Posted by pooka (Member # 5003) on :
I think he has a particular problem with the preference for sports over, say, drama or choir as a character builder for youth. I'm not sure what his views on Marching Band might be. I think where people are working together to make something interesting/beautiful, he would be supportive of that as opposed to the competition and veiled warfare of most athletic activities. I mean, I'm working here from an assumption that he shares the attitudes of most of his protagonists, that if you must go to war you must. But engaging in symbolic warfare for fun- perhaps not so much.

I would further venture that it gets into the argument between nature and nurture, where the naturists would say that teenage males will be violent if not given this outlet. While a nurturist might say the whole point of civilization is to overcome our animal drives.
Posted by El JT de Spang (Member # 7742) on :
I seem to remember him suffering some of the side effects of growing up as a not particularly athletic child. As a result, I don't think he's big on sports, or athletes, in general.

And, as he said, we do pay them an awful lot of money for their abilities to perform fundamentally useless acts.

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