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Posted by Strider (Member # 1807) on :
Does anyone know if there are any plans to print a compilation of JUST the Enderverse stories from the IGMS in one book?

That would be cool.
Posted by Orson Scott Card (Member # 209) on :
Actually, it would defeat my purpose in writing Ender stories for IGMS. My goal is to try to get people to buy the magazine and/or anthology and read ALL the stories by other writers, and the columns, and everything else. The Ender stories are an enticement to Ender fans, or so I hoped. But if I made the stories available elsewhere, then the fans would not need to buy IGMS to get them, and the magazine would have even less chance of becoming a self-sustaining enterprise.

In short, tell your friends to buy IGMS! <grin>

Of course, there's always the chance that the short story form is simply not commercially viable. I hope, though, that it's just a matter of finding the right way to present short stories....
Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :
I wish Sara Ellis was still writing her column...
Posted by Lanfear (Member # 7776) on :
Ha. Brother Card beat me to it.

It's the incentive to buy the magazine.
Posted by rivka (Member # 4859) on :
Originally posted by Scott R:
I wish Sara Ellis was still writing her column...

Posted by Strider (Member # 1807) on :
woah, I completely missed this the other year. I have to remember to check this side every once in a while. Thanks for the response Mr. Card. As someone with not a lot of time to read short stories, but with a love of the enderverse I thought it'd be nice to have them all together, but your reasoning makes sense.
Posted by mr_porteiro_head (Member # 4644) on :
In a lot of ways, "Ender in Exile" is a compilation of IGMS Ender stories.
Posted by scifibum (Member # 7625) on :
Yeah, I was a bit confused since I think all those stories end up in other works.
Posted by Stephan (Member # 7549) on :
I think our best chance is to buy the IGMS book, and encourage them to publish a second volume with the rest of the Enderverse stories included.
Posted by LargeTuna (Member # 10512) on :
I would buy a second IGMS book even if it didn't have Ender stories in it.

*not sure if anyone else would though*
Posted by oscfan (Member # 12170) on :

I would! IGMS is awesome! [Big Grin] I never would have started buying them if it weren't for OSC's stories, but I really like the ones written by other authors, too.
Posted by neo-dragon (Member # 7168) on :
I would very much enjoy a second printed volume of IGMS as well. I'm just not a fan of reading off a screen, but I'll gladly pay for another collection in an actual book.
Posted by Rodger Brown (Member # 11476) on :
You can print out the articles and the format is actually pretty nice.
Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :
I really like the ones written by other authors, too.

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