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Posted by lynda (Member # 11730) on :
i just finished all the ender and shadow series books.i loved them all!!! I am very impressed with OSC writing. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i should read next? (i need something to read until E in E)
Posted by Xann. (Member # 11482) on :
Have you read First Meeting in the Enderverse or War of Gifts?
Posted by lynda (Member # 11730) on :
Posted by Elmer's Glue (Member # 9313) on :
The Alvin Maker series is good. The first book is Seventh Son.
If you want more from the Enderverse you could get the short stories from IGMS.
Posted by CRash (Member # 7754) on :
I think the book I read next was The Worthing Saga. Some of the characters in it are quite similar to Enderverse ones so it's easy to get into.
Posted by scottneb (Member # 676) on :
If you're just looking for something to tie you up for a few weeks and if it has to be Mr. Card's works, I would say Empire or Pastwatch. Both lead into very interesting research once you're done with the books.
Posted by Rodger Brown (Member # 11476) on :
I liked going through the Alvin Maker series after the Enderverse stories. I concur with Xann read all of the short stories on IGMS and War of GIfts and FIrst Meetings. I really like reading series but stand alones are fun too.
Posted by Clandestineguitarplayer (Member # 11571) on :
I actually found the book 'Homebody' to be a very good one... I read that after the Speaker/Shadow books and I found the new style quite interesting, its the same author you can tell but his tones are so different, it just goes to show what a really good author can do with words! I recommend that one...
Posted by Trent Destian (Member # 11653) on :
Lost Boys

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