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Posted by Rigg is my hero (Member # 12559) on :
i have been reading OSC's books since the early 1990's and have love them all. Currently, I just finished pathfinder and I am finding myself in withdrawals since another book "is" or "is not" on the horizon? Does anyone know if and when the second will be published?
Posted by Geraine (Member # 9913) on :
There will be a second book. I believe the series is intended to be a trilogy. I haven't seen anything that indicates a release date.
Posted by Rigg is my hero (Member # 12559) on :
anticipation is not my mainstay, but i shall wait. thank you for the information.
Posted by richd (Member # 12520) on :
"Ruins" the followup is scheduled for release in November this year.
Posted by Kelly1101 (Member # 12562) on :
OSC is pretty good with churning out sequels. It's not like Dark Tower where you're waiting 30 years. You can handle it [Wink]
Posted by Jeff C. (Member # 12496) on :
Originally posted by Kelly1101:
OSC is pretty good with churning out sequels. It's not like Dark Tower where you're waiting 30 years. You can handle it [Wink]

Unless it's Alvin Maker or Lovelock. It just depends what he is into at that particular moment. Memory of Earth series (I forget what the series is actually called) came out pretty rapidly, but others take him a while to get around to. I'm willing to bet that Pathfinder will be fast to conclude, especially since OSC has said that he wants to start finishing up his series.

I think OSC's biggest problem is that he gets all these great ideas for different series and his scope is so big, but he doesn't bring himself to finish them. He's started like 8 of them but he's only finished 2 (that I know of, anyway).

Still awaiting completion:

-Alvin Maker
-Women of Genesis
-Shadow Series
-The Lost Gate

Actually completed:

-Ender series
-Memory of Earth

I'm sure he'll get to them eventually...
Posted by Stone_Wolf_ (Member # 8299) on :
Children of the mind always felt unfinished to me, way too open to continuation.
Posted by Jeff C. (Member # 12496) on :
Same here, Stone. I'm hoping the shadows in flight book wraps it all up. There's a lot of possibilities.
Posted by Kelly1101 (Member # 12562) on :
Ok, touche.... he's NOT great at finishing series. But he CAN put out a sequel quickly. Sometimes with only a year or two between books.
Posted by tolsti (Member # 12580) on :
I agree that the Ender series (both of them) never felt completed. What happened to the descolada planet? What happened to Bean and his kids? What about the newly resurrected Ender/Andrew/Peter? Ender's Game felt more resolved than any of the sequels that followed.

I only recently finished all of the Enders books, and I seriously thought that there would be a connection between Bean and the descolada virus - perhaps Bean and his super brilliant kids accidentally started a process that led to the virus, maybe the doctor that created Bean did it. I just expected there would be something like that. I'm still waiting.
Posted by richd (Member # 12520) on :
OSC says he has changed the name of Shadows in Flight to Shadows Alive, which is due out next year. Great news for me since I am only in the middle of Xenocide [Smile]

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