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Posted by slacker (Member # 2559) on :
Poor, poor ludosti. She just left to go stay at her parents house for the night cause we've got road crews working just outside our house (ok, more like 80 feet away - through a small park).

I guess she hasn't slept at all tonight (or if so, very little indeed) due to the noise. I guess I'm lucky that I'm a very heavy sleeper (the artilery firings on Ft. Lewis never woke me up [Big Grin] ), but she's a very light sleeper.

Quite often, my moving around or getting up will wake her up (we've got a cali king water bed) or else a cat quietly talking in the night is enough to wake her up.

We'd have gone somewhere else tonight (and tomorrow night) if the stupid city of Chandler would have actually notified us beforehand. This isn't the first time they've done roadwork without notifying us beforehand, either. [Mad] [Mad] [Mad]

Oh well, hopefully she'll be able to get some sleep at her parents, and we can find somewhere else to stay tomorrow night.
Posted by Kama (Member # 3022) on :
Or maybe she just told you she's going to her parents'? Huh?

Do you really know where your wife is?
Posted by ludosti (Member # 1772) on :
It's 9 am and I am now back where I belong!

It was nice to be able to get 4 hours of sleep this morning. I had some weird dreams, probably owing to sleeping in a house I haven't slept in for a while, in a room I'd never slept in.

Unfortunately, I will need to sleep somewhere other than my own house tonight too, since the construction is going on non-stop till sometime tomorrow.
Posted by slacker (Member # 2559) on :
Do you really know where your wife is?
You're assuming that I know where I am at that time of day (which is really sad cause I'm heading to work at that point).
Posted by ana kata (Member # 5666) on :
Chandler, Arizona? That's a lovely place. I've been there! I'm quite familiar with your waste water treatment plant, if it's Chandler Arizona you mean. <laughs>
Posted by Papa Moose (Member # 1992) on :
Somewhere around that time, my wife was feeding Superstation.
Posted by ana kata (Member # 5666) on :
No, wait, I have this mental image of ludosti and slacker as Pac NW people. Or am I confused? Anyway, it's probably Chandler, somewhere-else, too bad. [Smile]
Posted by Papa Moose (Member # 1992) on :
They're genus Arizonia, species Tusconium, as I recall.
Posted by slacker (Member # 2559) on :
Ana kate and Papa Moose are both kind of right. We live in Chandler, AZ (a suburb of Phoenix and where ludosti is from), but I am from the Pacific NW (Washington).

[ December 06, 2003, 12:40 PM: Message edited by: slacker ]
Posted by Papa Moose (Member # 1992) on :
Yeah, whatever. Like there's any difference between one Arizona city and another.... *wink*
Posted by ana kata (Member # 5666) on :
Y'all have a really nice waste water plant! <laughs> And now I know why I had PacNW thoughts. There's a picture of lusti on Mt. Ranier at foo.
Posted by ana kata (Member # 5666) on :
I bet it's warm out there now, isn't it? It's freezing here! <Well, not literally freezing but pretty close, like 40s> I'm moving!
Posted by Shigosei (Member # 3831) on :
You bet it's warm in Phoenix! I wear shorts and a T-shirt most of the time. It will be interesting going home to Oregon for a month.
Posted by mackillian (Member # 586) on :
Don't move up HERE.

Sweet jebus it's cold.

And snowy.

I'm not leaving my apartment today. [Smile]
Posted by JonnyNotSoBravo (Member # 5715) on :
...but I am from the Pacific NW (Washington).
Ah! That explains the Ft. Lewis reference. I was confused by Chandler. I was picturing the map of Washington from my Washington State History class in 8th grade and thinking, "Where the *@!$ is Chandler?"
Posted by slacker (Member # 2559) on :
I bet it's warm out there now, isn't it? It's freezing here!
It's 78 outside right now. Definitely warmer than usual (lusti's gonna be upset that I've got the fans on).

I always think it's funny to see people wrapping their palm trees with xmas lights, and the white tarps that people use to simulate snow in the middle of their rock garden yards.
Posted by ludosti (Member # 1772) on :
Time for me to be off to sleep in a place further than 100 feet from front end loaders, backhoes, and jackhammers. Unfortunately, it's also more than 100 feet from slacker. [Frown]
Posted by Mephistopheles (Member # 3250) on :
No, but then I dont have a wife, so she is very difficult to keep track of. But the lack of wife is activly being worked on.

[ December 07, 2003, 09:40 PM: Message edited by: Mephistopheles ]
Posted by Book (Member # 5500) on :
Yeah. Rehab, like always.

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