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Posted by stone_maiden (Member # 4071) on :
Ok, I'm somewhat of a nerd/geek/fanatic/whatever-you-want-to-call-me on him, but, um...yeah. I'd love to discuss his life and music.


Any takers?
Posted by Fitz (Member # 4803) on :
I don't know much about the guy.

Didn't he die young and unappreciated, only to become relatively famous (because of a car commercial) some 20 years after his death?

I looked into some of his music a few years ago, and wasn't really impressed.
Posted by Synesthesia (Member # 4774) on :
He was interesting. Had his own guitar style, so unique no one can figure out his tunings.
And yet, on some of his earlier albums he sounded unnessasarily over-produced in my opinion. Talents like that don't need ooo ooo ooo girls.
Posted by Strider (Member # 1807) on :
I downloaded paper moon after that commercial came out. I still listen to the song once in a while, but i never bothered checking anything else out by him.

It's a really nice song, but isn't it about suicide or something like that? and isn't that what he ended up doing to himself?
Posted by Fitz (Member # 4803) on :
Heh, I think it's called pink moon.
Posted by Elizabeth (Member # 5218) on :
Nick Drake did not commit suicide. He took the wrong pills in his mother's cabinet, and many thought it was suicide, but it was a terrible accident.

If he had survived this event, though, I am sure he would have committed suicide.

He was a brilliant musician born in the wrong time, and, as someone mentioned, very underappreciated. His music is lilting and dreamlike, and though it is depressing, I feel uplifted after I listen to him.
Posted by Elizabeth (Member # 5218) on :
Officially, Nick Drake's death was ruled a suicide by the coroner, but if you hear the full story, it really seems that he took one too many sleeping pills. He was depressed, and had insomnia. I still believe that it was an accident. If you read the mom's story, it really seems that way.

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