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Posted by kaioshin00 (Member # 3740) on :

[Big Grin]
Posted by Icarus (Member # 3162) on :
What the heck is wrong with you?

Posted by kaioshin00 (Member # 3740) on :
Whatever do YOU mean?
Posted by Icarus (Member # 3162) on :
That's only like the lamest commercial ever.


Did you ever see that Honda ad that Geoff Card linked to a long time ago? Now THAT was the coolest commercial ever. (That was Honda, wasn't it? [Confused] )
Posted by kaioshin00 (Member # 3740) on :
pssht. your face

Do you speak of

They're two different types of cool [Wink]

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Posted by Icarus (Member # 3162) on :
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Great. I'll be fired in the morning now.


So, um, I don't know if that's the one or not.

The one I remember was not tastless. It was just Very Cool.
Posted by kaioshin00 (Member # 3740) on :
Errr.. well this is the description:

"This is one of the most amazing ads I've ever seen, truly a thing of beauty. Fully two minutes long, it's a Honda commercial called "Cog," the most elaborate Rube Goldberg device you've ever seen set to film, all made entirely of car parts. It required 606 film takes to get right. It's so perfectly filmed, you can't imagine it, you've just got to see it."
Posted by Icarus (Member # 3162) on :
That's the one!

They're two different types of cool
Yeah. Actually cool, and lame masquerading as cool. [Razz]
Posted by Lyrhawn (Member # 7039) on :
My friend thinks that VW commercial is the funniest thing ever.

So does my mom.

I think it's amusing, but not the best. It's not Aflac quality funny.
Posted by kaioshin00 (Member # 3740) on :
HA! Take that Icarus! Hatrack sides with me in the coolness of commercials.
Posted by Stan the man (Member # 6249) on :
[Roll Eyes]

Blah. I like this one.

edit to add: For heaven's sakes, before anyone gets confused. Click on the graemlin. Thanks to dkw for the idea.

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Posted by Papa Moose (Member # 1992) on :

Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
I'm with Papa Moose. That commercial rocks. On so many levels.
Posted by Kwea (Member # 2199) on :
Pop- That is sooooo wrong.

And yet so right.

[Big Grin]
Posted by Ralphie (Member # 1565) on :
Moose, that still remains my all-time favorite commercial, ever.
Posted by esl (Member # 3143) on :
Thank you Papa Moose! I saw that a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to find it ever since. That is the best commercial.
Posted by Icarus (Member # 3162) on :
Methinks I won't click on any of those until after the kids leave.

Posted by Stray (Member # 4056) on :
YES!! Papa Moose, that is my favorite commercial EVER. I've been looking for it every so often but couldn't find it again. Thanks so much for linking it here!

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