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Posted by Joldo (Member # 6991) on :
A lot of my friends are graduating this year, and I'd like to do something special for them, as a farewell kinda thing. So far, these are my ideas.

Since most (pretty much all who are graduating this year) of them are girls, I thought I'd buy fifteen red roses at Aldi, tie a personalized note to each with red ribbon (To So-and-So, who et cetera), then give them out on Monday.

Option B involves making fudge. Lots of fudge. I'm very good at chocolate and I've got some specialty recipes saved up. Bake a big batch, put it a box tied up with ribbon (I have lots of surplus ribbon) and get someone to put it on the table my seniors usually eat lunch at in the courtyard right before they get there.

Option C isn't exactly thought out yet. It includes a huge Phantom of the Opera party.

Ideas? Choices? Whaddaya think?
Posted by Tater (Member # 7035) on :
I vote for a lightsaber war. [Big Grin]
Posted by Kiwi (Member # 7982) on :
Roses AND fudge. Mmmmm. [Razz]
Posted by Allegra (Member # 6773) on :
I agree with a combo of 1&2. I know I want the seniors I know to give me fudge and roses, but none of them seem to have the urge.
Posted by Damien (Member # 5611) on :
Fudge roses.

Posted by lucy hummer (Member # 7740) on :
A note, seriously, I relook at the notes I got last year pretty often. You can combine a note with the fudge and roses, that would make them feel entirely special. One thing i've done is make a beaded bookmark, get them a pretty pen, a small notebook, write a note in the notebook, and throw it all in a bag with chocolate.
Posted by Joldo (Member # 6991) on :
Hmm. I like Lucy's idea and I think I might go for it. Thanks . . .

Allegra: They are the seniors, not me. I'm doing this for them for their graduation.
Posted by Bob_Scopatz (Member # 1227) on :
Sounds like a very nice gesture.

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