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Posted by Traceria (Member # 11820) on :
I'm tired and I wanna know.

The specifics: Melba toast, by consumption, unknown date of package opening, rubber band holding bag closed dry-rotted

Can it harm me?
Could it hurt you?

Posted by rivka (Member # 4859) on :
Highly unlikely.
Posted by Jhai (Member # 5633) on :
I'd eat it. Unless there's visible mold growing on a bread product, I'm in the "eat it" camp.

That being said, I have reason to suspect my stomach is tougher than others'. For instance, I've never been sick when visiting India, which is relatively uncommon for foreigners.

I'm also in the five second rule camp, except in high traffic public areas.
Posted by Sean Monahan (Member # 9334) on :
I have learned the hard way that if I ever have to ask myself the question, "Should I eat this?" the answer is no.

Although that doesn't answer your question.
Posted by MattP (Member # 10495) on :
You could grind it down to a point and stab yourself with it. That would hurt.
Posted by King of Men (Member # 6684) on :
This is what expendable children are for.
Posted by AchillesHeel (Member # 11736) on :
Okay, there are these things called croutons that people eat every day, and its just stale bread. I have no idea what melba toast is, but I would ask wether or not you have the cash to go get something else, being poor makes the stomach strong.
Posted by scifibum (Member # 7625) on :
Originally posted by MattP:
You could grind it down to a point and stab yourself with it. That would hurt.

Although cleverly hidden, there was a clause in the OP that limited the question to consumption of the toast.

Your scenario is still valid, as long as the stabbing is part of the consumption. A roof of the mouth stabbing, perhaps. Or an esophageal stabbing.
Posted by Traceria (Member # 11820) on :
I was more wondering because I discovered the box (bag being inside) here at my desk and ate two pieces. The first tasted like a normal sort of stale and the second tasted... weird. Stopped there.

Melba toast would make an excellent weapon (one use only) if you were to do as you suggested, MattP.

(edit for clarity)
Posted by Raia (Member # 4700) on :
I've cut myself on stale bread before. So, the answer is yes.

But I think if you eat it, you'll be fine.
Posted by Orincoro (Member # 8854) on :
You'll either be completely fine, or you'll die. Let's find out!
Posted by BandoCommando (Member # 7746) on :
There's no in-between for you, Orincoro? How black and white you see the world...
Posted by Tatiana (Member # 6776) on :
Stale bread's fine unless it has any signs of mold, or if it tastes funny. Never eat anything that tastes weird or unlike its usual taste.

If it has any signs of mold, throw the whole thing away. Don't just cut off the moldy places and eat the rest. Visible mold means there are millions of spots too small to see throughout the rest of the package, loaf, or box.
Posted by Carrie (Member # 394) on :
Yeah, I have to agree with everyone who's said "If it tastes funny/unexpected, don't eat any more of it."

Then again, I enjoy woefully undercooked steaks of various kinds, so perhaps I'm also in the camp of people whose stomachs are pretty strong?
Posted by aiua (Member # 7825) on :
I generally throw on other ingredients and condiments to mask the weird flavor and hope stomach acid takes care of the rest. Worked for me so far, still alive and kicking. [Big Grin]
Posted by Traceria (Member # 11820) on :
The offending odd tasting melba toast has been disposed of. [bows]
Posted by The Rabbit (Member # 671) on :
I have a hard time imagining how melba toast could go bad.
Posted by rivka (Member # 4859) on :
This fall, on FOX!

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