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Author Topic: I have the most amazing schedule ever! yes- even better than yours
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So I just started my Senior year of high school. I have the most amazing schedule in the History of the universe. It makes me giddy just to think about it. Let me just tell you about it...

*DE stands for dual enrollment- meaning a college prof comes to my school and I get college credit for it.

Fall Semester:
1st block: DE Math 1530 (Elementary Statistics) Tuesday, Thursday Class
2nd Block: DE ENGL 2310 (World Lit to 1650) Tuesday, Thursday Class
3rd Block: Honors Spanish 1 (took 3 years of Latin- decided to switch)
4th block: Senior Project (will intern at Jason Foundation- education and awareness for youth suicide)

Which means that Monday, Wednesday, Friday this semester I don't have to show up until 11:20 and can leave at 1:25.

Spring Semester
1st block:Senior Project
2nd Block: DE ENGL 2110 (American Lit to 1865) I think a Tuesday, Thursday class.
3rd Block: Honors Gov't/Economics
4th block: Honors Ecology

So this year I should be able to finish sophomore college English, get my math credit and be able to start taking Psych specific Stat classes when I go to college next fall (what I'm planning on studying).

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Psh, this semester I'll only have class Monday-Thursday, from 6pm-9pm.



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I have the awesomest schedule ever this semester.

On MWF I have class starting at 11:30 and ending at 1:20. On TR I have class starting at 1:30 and ending at 5:45. Which means that I can work in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays and work won't interfere with either my school or my social life.

And yes, I do place those on equal footing. I don't have much of a social life, and what I have requires much nourishing to maintain. Considering in two years of college I've only gotten one B, I think my schoolwork can afford to take a bit of a hit to keep me from being depressed constantly.

But my classes are the best part. I'm taking two history courses this semester! Two! I love history, but since it isn't my major or either of my two minors I haven't gotten any chances to take classes in it. And one of those classes is the History of Christianity! Which I've been wanting to take for ages but thought I'd never get a chance to. And my other classes are just as good: Statistical Quality Control and Women in Public Policy. I even have some hope based on the book choice that the latter will be a serious look at women in public policy and not just "Men are evil! Look at all the evil things men do!" So it's just going to be a semester of fun, fun, fun. I am filled with geeky excitement.

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Shawshank - if my HS had classes like that when I was there, I MIGHT be as cool as you... Regardless - nice work. I hope you enjoy it as much as you seem to be anticipating it! : )

What are you going to do with the rest of the time you'll have free?

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My fall schedule is even awesomest. Even though I haven't completely ironed it out yet. I am taking Beginning Chinese Pole, Int/Adv Chinese Acrobatics, Juggling, Trampoline, and possibly Beg/Int Hip Hop Jazz or maybe Afro Brazilian Contemporary (or both?). [Cool]
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I'm looking forward to mine too, none of the classes are worrying me, it should be a nice way to ease back into college after my year's absence to deal with the cancer. Only four classes, three English and one Cultural Anthropology. The Anthropology course fulfills a requirement that all humanities majors have to take. After that, the only lower level requirement I have left is a laboratory science. I've already taken two, but they won't count the second one toward my core reqs. because it was anatomy and that's too specific for a core requirement course.

So, from here on out except that one lab science, everything is major and minor courses. I don't have to choose a minor, but I found out that there is a secondary education minor that, while it won't lead to teacher certification, does allow me to knock out a hefty chunk of the required courses I'd need to take in grad school to get my class A teacher's certification. So, I can minor in sec. ed. and be that much closer to my master's in education. I think it's a good idea to go ahead and take as many of those classes as an undergrad as I can.

My schedule works out nicely, all my classes are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tues. and Thurs I don't have to be anywhere until time to pick up the kids from school, which leaves me a chance to do household chores and study. All my kids' activites are on Tues. and Thurs, too, so it's nice that I don't have to worry about taking anyone to dance or gymnastics when I get home from school.

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Papa Moose
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My favorite schedules were M-F 8:00-12:00 for one quarter (leaving two days completely free and plenty of time for beach volleyball in the afternoons of the other three), and another quarter where all my classes were Tuesday-Thursday with Wednesday discussion sections, so I had 4-day weekends every week.

But you're talking about high school. Senior year was pretty cool, because I had already gotten enough required classes out of the way that I basically had four classes a day in the computer room(s).

Either way, congrats on getting a schedule you like.


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I had the best schedule ever. Tuesdays and Thursdays 11 to 7 with an hour and a half break. I had all the best teachers and everything and then my idiotic school and had to go and switch two teachers on me. So now I know I have one of the worst english teachers possible which will ruin a class I usually enjoy. I'm depressed.
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Oooh, I thought this was gonna be a SARCASTIC thread. I get it. People are actually happy with their schedules. That must be nice.
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My schedule would be even cooler than yours, except for that whole class thing.

Oh well.

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King of Men
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I show up when I like, and leave when I like. As long as I do enough work not to get fired, anyway. [Smile]
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