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Drinkin' Bros Podcast #617 - Ender's Game Series Author Orson Scott Card - Jun. 10, 2020
Also available at drinkinbros.com
Orson Scott Card | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 96 - May. 24, 2020
Also available at www.dailywire.com
Orson Scott Card Interview - Atari Computers & Computer Games - Jan. 5, 2018
Geoffrey Card - Response to his Dad's Interview - Jan. 19, 2018
Orson Scott Card Interview on The Red Booth - Apr. 19, 2015
Orson Scott Card on literature, logic and scientific method - Aug. 2015
Southern Virginia University
Creative education--how to keep the spark alive in children and adults | Orson Scott Card | TEDxUSU - Dec. 6, 2014
Orson Scott Card on Ender's Game Alive - 2014
I Just Make This Stuff Up: How Seriously Should a Fiction Writer Take His Own Work?
The Harold B. Lee Library House of Learning Lecture - Jun. 2013
A Brief Interview with Orson Scott Card - Summer 2013
Rencontre avec Orson Scott Card autour de "La Stratégie Ender" - Nov. 2013
La Stratégie Ender: Interview avec Orson Scott Card - Nov. 2013
Interview de Orson Scott Card - Utopiales 2013
Interview with Orson Scott Card - 2012
Macmillan Audio
Orson Scott Card on Libraries - 2012
Macmillan Audio
Orson Scott Card on Religion - Sep. 20, 2010
The Nature Of Existence
Orson Scott Card - Are aliens Real? - Sep. 20, 2010
The Nature Of Existence
Orson Scott Card discusses the 'Ender's Game' movie - Oct. 28, 2010
Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia
Orson Scott Card answers a question about physics - Oct. 28, 2010
Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia
Shadow Complex Exclusive Orson Scott Card Interview - Aug 17, 2009
Orson Scott Card discusses Ender in Exile - 2008
Orson Scott Card discusses his book, Empire - Apr. 19, 2008
NYCC '08 Orson Scott Card - Apr 25, 2008
Marvel Comics
Advent Shadow interview (E3 2005 Orson Scott Card. Cancelled PSP Game) - 2005
Orson Scott Card - On the State of Israel - Nov. 7, 2004
MIT Students for Israel
Orson Scott Card On Science Fiction and Religion
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