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Orson Scott Card's Bibliography

New Title in Speaker/Shadow Series

For years now OSC has been planning to wrap up the Shadow and Speaker series with a book called Shadows in Flight.  Recently, in working on a short novel that follows Bean and his children into space, it became clear that Shadows in Flight was the perfect title for that book, while the big wrap-up novel that brings Bean's children together with Peter and Valentine from Children of the Mind will now be entitled Shadows Alive.

So when you see Shadows in Flight announced as "coming soon," you should be aware that this is a completely different book, a short novel in which Bean and his children encounter an ancient Formic "ark" in space.  It's definitely in the main line of the Shadow series, but it is not the end!


Shadows in Flight (the book immediately after Shadow of the Giant)

Bully and the Beast (YA novel based on the short story, Tor)

Ruins: Pathfinder 2 (Simon & Schuster)

The Gate Thief: Mithermadges Book 2 (Tor)

Rasputin (with Kathryn H. Kidd, book 2 in the Mayflower series, Tor)

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(in reverse chronological order)

The Lost Gate (book 1 in the Mithermages series, Tor, January 2011)

Pathfinder (book 1 in the Pathfinder series, Simon & Schuster, November 2010)

Hidden Empire (novel, sequel to Empire, Tor, December 2009)

Ender in Exile (science fiction novel, direct sequel to Ender's Game, Tor, November 2008)

Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show Anthology, ed. Orson Scott Card and Edmund R. Schubert (Tor, August 2008)

Keeper of Dreams (OSC short fiction collection, Tor, April 2008)

War of Gifts (science fiction novella from the Ender Saga, Tor, November 2007)

Invasive Procedures (with Aaron Johnston, science fiction novel based the short story "Malpractice" by Card, Tor, September 2007)

Empire (novel, Tor, November 2006)

Magic Street (formerly Slow Leak) (contemporary fantasy novel, Del Rey, June 2005)

Shadow of the Giant (science fiction novel, sequel to Ender's Shadow, Shadow of the Hegemon, and Shadow Puppets, Tor, March 2005)

Zanna's Gift: A Life in Christmases (novella, Tor, November 2004) Mass-market paperback (Forge, November 2008)

Rachel & Leah (3rd in the Women of Genesis series, Shadow Mountain, July 2004)

The Crystal City (volume 6 of Tales of Alvin Maker, American Fantasy, Tor, November 2003)

Shadow Puppets (science fiction novel, sequel to Ender's Shadow and Shadow of the Hegemon, Tor, August 2002)

Rebekah (2nd in the Women of Genesis series, Women of Genesis series, Shadow Mountain, November 2001)

Shadow of the Hegemon (science fiction novel, sequel to Ender's Shadow, Tor, January 2001)

Sarah (1st in the Women of Genesis series, Women of Genesis series, Shadow Mountain, October 2000)

Magic Mirror (picture book, Gibbs Smith Publisher, September 1999)

Ender's Shadow (novel, Tor, August 1999)

Enchantment (novel, Del Rey, 1999)

Heartfire (volume 5 of the Tales of Alvin Maker, American fantasy, Tor, 1998)

Homebody (novel, HarperCollins, 1998)

Stone Tables (novel, Deseret Book, 1997)

Treasure Box (novel, HarperCollins, 1996)

Children of the Mind (science fiction novel, sequel to Ender's Game, Speaker for the Dead, and Xenocide, Tor, 1996)

Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus (novel Tor, 1996)

Alvin Journeyman (volume 4 of Tales of Alvin Maker; American fantasy, Tor, 1995) Locus Award (best fantasy novel) 96

Earthborn (volume 5 of the science fiction series Homecoming, Tor, 1995)

Earthfall (volume 4 of the science fiction series Homecoming, Tor, 1995)

Lovelock (with Kathryn H. Kidd, book 1 in the science fiction series Mayflower, Tor, 1994)

The Ships of Earth (volume 3 of the science fiction series Homecoming, Tor, 1994)

A Storyteller in Zion (essays, Bookcraft, 1993)

The Call of Earth (volume 2 of the science fiction series Homecoming, Tor, 1992)

Lost Boys (novel, HarperCollins, 1992)

The Memory of Earth (volume 1 of the science fiction series Homecoming, Tor, 1992)

Xenocide (science fiction novel, sequel to Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead, Tor, Aug 1991)

The Worthing Saga (omnibus volume incorporating The Worthing Chronicle, most of Capitol, and several previously unpublished or uncollected stories from the same future history; Tor, Dec 90)

Eye for Eye (Tor double novel, with Lloyd Biggle, Jr., "Tunesmith," and Foreword and Afterword to "Tunesmith" by OSC, Tor, Nov 90)

Maps in a Mirror: The Short Fiction of Orson Scott Card (Tor, 1990)

Maps in a Mirror: Paperbacks:
    The Changed Man (book 1, 1992)
    Flux (book 2, 1992)
    Cruel Miracles (book 4, 1992)
    Monkey Sonatas (book 3, 1993)

How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy (Writer's Digest Books, 90) Hugo Award 91

The Abyss with Jim Cameron (science fiction, novel based on the film The Abyss, Pocket, May 89); in French translation as Abyss (J'ai Lu, 89); in German translation as Abyss: In der Tiefe de Meeres (Bastei Lubbe); Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese editions forthcoming.

The Folk of the Fringe (science fiction, collection of linked stories, Phantasia Press/Tor, Apr 89)

Prentice Alvin (vol. 3 of Tales of Alvin Maker; American fantasy, Tor, Feb 89); UK edition Century/Legend

Treason (science fiction, St. Martin's Press, Oct 88; revised edition of A Planet Called Treason, 10% new material)

Character and Viewpoint (Writer's Digest Books, Aug 88)

Red Prophet (vol. 2 of Tales of Alvin Maker; American fantasy, Tor, Jan 88); UK edition (Century/Legend); in German translation as Der Rote Prophet (Bastei Lubbe) Hugo finalist 89, Nebula Finalist 88, Locus Award (best fantasy novel) 89

Wyrms (science fiction novel, Arbor House/Tor, Jun 87); UK edition (Century/Legend); in German translation as Die Stadt am Ende der Welt (Bastei Lubbe)

Seventh Son (vol. 1 of Tales of Alvin Maker; American fantasy, Tor, Jun 87); UK edition (Century/Legend); in German translation as Der Siebente Sohn (Bastei Lubbe) Hugo finalist 88, World Fantasy finalist 88, Mythopoeic Society Award 88, Locus Award (best fantasy novel) 88

Cardography (fantasy collection, Hypatia Press, Mar 87; all stories to be incorporated in Maps in a Mirror)

Speaker for the Dead (science fiction novel, Tor, Feb 86); UK edition (Century); in French translation as La Voix des Morts (Opta); in German translation as Sprecher fur die Toten (Bastei Lubbe); in Spanish translation as La Voz de los Muertos: La Saga de Ender (Nova) Nebula Award 86, Hugo Award 87, Locus Award 87, SF Chronicle Readers Poll Award 87

Ender's Game (science fiction novel, Tor, Jan 85, based on 1977 novelet "Ender's Game"); UK edition (Century); in French translation as La Strategie Ender (Opta); in German translation as Das Grosse Spiel (Bastei Lubbe); in Spanish translation as El Juego de Ender (Nova); in Japanese translation (S.I. Hayakawa); in Dutch translation as Ender Wint (Meulenhoff). Also translated into Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Swedish. Nebula Award 85, Hugo Award 86, Hamilton-Brackett Award 86, SF Chronicle Readers Poll Award 86

Saints (historical novel, Berkley, Jan 84 [as Woman of Destiny]; Tor, Apr 88); named Book of the Year by Association for Mormon Letters

The Worthing Chronicle (science fiction novel, Ace, Jul 83; included in The Worthing Saga, qv)

Hart's Hope (fantasy, Berkley, Jan 83; Tor, Feb 88); in French translation as Espoir-du-cerf (Denoel); in Spanish translation as Esperanza del Venado (Nova Fantasia); in German translation as Die Hirschbraut (Bastei Lubbe)

Saintspeak (humor, Signature/Orion, 82)

Ainge (sports biography, Signature, 82; out of print)

Unaccompanied Sonata and Other Stories (story collection, science fiction, Dial/Dell, 80; out of print in U.S.); in German translation as Play Kosmos (Bastei Lubbe); in French translation as Sonate sans Accompagnement (Denoel); in Japanese translation as Mubanso Sonata (Hayakawa Publishing)

Songmaster (science fiction, Dial/Dell, 79, 80; Tor, 87, slightly revised); UK edition (Orbit); in German translation as Meistersanger (Bastei Lubbe); in Dutch translation as Zangermeester (Meulenhoff); in Spanish translation as Maestro Cantor (Nova Ciencia Ficcion) Hamilton-Brackett Memorial Award 81

A Planet Called Treason (science fiction, St. Martin's/Dell, 78,79; permanently out of print; replaced by Treason, qv); UK edition A Planet Called Treason (Pan); in Dutch translation as Wereld van Verraad (Elmar); in French translation as Une Planete Nommee Trahison (Denoel); in Spanish translation as Un Planeta Llamado Traicion (Nebulae)

Hot Sleep (science fiction, Baronet/Ace, 78; permanently out of print; replaced by Worthing Chronicle, qv)

Capitol (story collection, science fiction, Baronet/Ace, 78; permanently out of print; much material included in The Worthing Saga); in German translation as Capitol (Bastei Lubbe)

Listen, Mom and Dad (child-rearing book, Bookcraft, 78; out of print)

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Future on Ice (Tor, 98)

Turning Hearts: Stories of Family Life (LDS short stories, Bookcraft, 1994)

Future on Fire (best science fiction of the 1980s, vol. 1, Tor, 90)

Dragons of Light (fantasy, Ace, 80; Bart, 88)

Dragons of Darkness (fantasy, Ace, 81; Bart, 88)

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Bibliographic Abbreviations:
Anlg = Analog Science Fiction / Science Fact (Davis)
Asim = Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (Davis)
BeOm = Best of Omni Science Fiction (Omni International)
Capi = Capitol: The Worthing Chronicle (Ace)
Chry = Chrysalis (Zebra); ed. Roy Torgeson
Crdy = Cardography (Hypatia)
Dest = Destinies (Ace); ed. Jim Baen
F&SF = The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (Mercury)
FFrn = The Folk of the Fringe (Phantasia Press)
Frnd = The Friend (LDS Church)
Omni = Omni Magazine (Omni International)
Saga = The Worthing Saga (Tor, collection)
SFR = Science Fiction Review; ed. Richard Geis
UnSo = Unaccompanied Sonata and Other Stories (Dial/Dell)
WrDi = Writers Digest
YBSF = The Year's Best Science Fiction (Bluejay/Tor); ed. Gardner Dozois


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"Hitching" Mountainwest 78

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"Notes from a Guardian Angel" serialized in 7th East Press, Provo, Utah, during much of 82; the paper was forced out of business before the serial was completed)

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"When No One Remembers His Name, Does God Retire?" Capi


"Alive and in Living Color" Ahoy Oct 85

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"Trio Allegretto" Ahoy Jul 85

"What Are Your Words Worth?" Ahoy Aug 84

"The World of the Game" Ahoy Jul 84

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"Books: A Binocular View" (reviews) Dest (last few issues)

"Cash Encounters of the Word Kind" WrDi (their title) Aug 79

"Creating Memorable Characters" WrDi (three-part series) Oct-Dec 86

"Fantasy and the Believing Reader" (critical essay) SFR Aug 82

"How to Be a Science Fiction Critic" (satire) SFR May 82

"How to Make a Short Story Long" WrDi Sep 80; Fiction Writer's Market 82; The Basics of Writing and Selling Fiction Dec 84

"On Sycamore Hill" (personal essay) SFR #55; reprinted, with new material, FFrn

"Science Fiction" (reviews) Washington Post Book World 29 Jan 84

"Unities in Digression" (critical essay) SFR #37

"Where Is the Cutting Edge of Science Fiction?" (critical essay) SFR #60

"You Got No Friends in This World" (short-fiction review column) SFR #32-#36, #55-#59

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(produced by Living Scriptures, Ogden UT)

LDS Church History 72 half-hour audioplays on cassette, 78-80

New Testament 72 half-hour audioplays on cassette, 80-81

American History 72 half-hour audioplays on cassette, 81-83

Great Mormon Women 24 half-hour audioplays on cassette, 83-84

Old Testament 72 half-hour audioplays on cassette, 84-87

(produced by Living Scriptures, Ogden UT)

Nephi and the Brass Plates 87

The Nativity 87

He Is Risen 88

Journey to the Promised Land 88

The Prodigal Son 88

The Good Samaritan 88

the Joseph Smith Story 88

Noah and Abinadi 88


Across Five Summers BYU Theatre Workshop (71)

The Apostate BYU Margetts Arena Theatre (70)

A Christmas Carol Utah Valley Repertory Theatre Company at the Barn (74); revised as A Dixie Christmas Carol Greensboro LDS Church (89)

Elders and Sisters Avenue Productions (79)

Father, Mother, Mother, and Mom UVRTC at the Castle (74); Green Briar Theatre (77); Robert Redford's Sundance Summer Theatre (82); published Sunstone (78)

Fresh Courage Take Green Briar Theatre (78)

In Flight BYU Margetts Arena Theatre (70)

Liberty Jail UVRTC at the Barn (75); UVRTC at the Castle (75); The Valley Center Theatre (78); The Greenbriar Theatre (79)

Of Gideon BYU Margetts Arena Theatre (71)

Stone Tables BYU Pardoe Drama Theatre (73); UVRTC at the Castle (75); BYU Pardoe Drama Theatre (81)

Wings (partial production) Utah State Institute of Fine Arts (82)

(partial listing)

"Hot Pursuit"

"King Saul"

"The Morning After"

"Rag Mission" published: Ensign (Jul 77) pseud. Brian Green

"This Could Be the Start of a Beautiful Friendship"


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(partial listing)

"Abel, Cain" BYU Studies 21:1 Spring 81

"Openings" BYU Studies 21:2 Spring 81

"Tin Men" UnSo

"Prentice Alvin and the No-Good Plow" self-published, rev. ed. published Sunstone 89; first prize, Utah State Institute of Fine Arts, long serious poem category 1981; basis of Tales of Alvin Maker.

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