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Hatrack Writers - Publications & Reviews Icon 1 Moonbound [Paranormal Romance Novella is Out!] Jump to new posts by Sylvia Frost   

Thank you to everyone helped me tweak the hook. My self-published first installment serial-novella is out! And selling really really well and already got a flood of positive reviews. At #6,087 in the...
Fragments and Feedback for Books Icon 1 Re: Moonbound [Paranormal Romance Serial Novella Opening] Jump to new posts by Sylvia Frost (8)   

Thanks so much guys for the thought! The book is out, and I've had tons of compliments on the hook! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Fragments and Feedback for Short Works Icon 1 Re: untitled short first 13 Jump to new posts by babooher (5)   

My predilections run toward 3rd person, so keep that in mind. I wonder if this would be easier to digest if this was 3rd person. For all of the sensory details, I can't see what is going on. I have no...
Next, Please Introduce Yourself Icon 1 Re: Hey, Everybody! Jump to new posts by Lamberguesa (3)   

Howdy Sean! A firefighter eh? Cool! Thanks for your service. Good to have you around. -A.L.
Open Discussions About Writing Icon 1 Re: September 29, 2014 Did You Write? Jump to new posts by Owasm (4)   

Did I edit? Yes I did and there is a lot more to go.
Character Interviews Icon 1 Re: Colmus at the End of Days Cafe Jump to new posts by Robert Nowall (20)   

But the implication of it all is that you are God. Are you God?
Grist for the Mill Icon 1 Re: Random musings. Jump to new posts by Robert Nowall (3714)   

Re: the abovementioned problems with my Favorite Places list. I thought I had it worked out, with everything recovered. But Sunday, for some reason beyond my understanding, the list somehow flipped itself---dividing...
Hatrack Groups Icon 1 Re: WOTF Critique Group--Q4 2014 Jump to new posts by Brendan (24)   

Good luck guys. I wont get one in this quarter, too much study, but hope you all do well.
Fragments and Feedback for Books Icon 1 Re: Baudwynn and the Fool of Cleft Jump to new posts by Grumpy old guy (6)   

I agree, Kathleen. Having considered it, it makes it a much stronger opening and with more room to build 'atmospherics' into the narrative if so desired. Phil.

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