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Open Discussions About Writing Icon 1 Re: Helpful Links Jump to new posts by extrinsic (12)   

"The Sobering Saga of Myrtle the Manuscript: A Cautionary Tale (http://www.sfwa.org/2009/06/the-sobering-saga-of- myrtle-the-manuscript)" by Tappan King, a darkly humorous account of a manuscript's journey...
Writing Class Icon 1 Re: Story Opening Class 02 Jump to new posts by extrinsic (15)   

Plenty of detail around the water cooler, the Internet, and grammar handbooks about passive and active voices. Far less about static and dynamic voices, though grammar handbooks detail their criteria...
Writing Class Icon 1 Re: Battle School—Introduction Jump to new posts by Grumpy old guy (7)   

QUOTE: ----- Sorry about the stuff I'm throwing at you Grumpy old guy, I just keep nitpicking into particular stuff. ----- Don't worry about it, but you can now appreciate the reason I wanted to keep...
Fragments and Feedback for Short Works Icon 1 Re: Ravenous -- Urban Fantasy/Horror, ~5500 words Jump to new posts by Disgruntled Peony (58)   

QUOTE: ----- I'd also consider mixing up the bar names so that they express the viewpoint agonist-narrator's personal, subjective, perhaps sarcastic mockery attitude toward their iconic popular culture...
Writing Class Icon 1 Re: Story Opening Class 03 Jump to new posts by wcoditwgth (5)   

Capt'n Jack, bored to the point of mental suicide, erratically snapped a beat off his right hand while his behind fell asleep on the floor. His backrest, a now permanently disfigured pillar of boxes...

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