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Fragments and Feedback for Short Works Icon 1 Re: Ravenous -- Urban Fantasy/Horror, ~5100 words Jump to new posts by Grumpy old guy (62)   

If I were the Submissions Editor this fragment would get an automatic rejection. If I were in a charitable mood I might scribble in the margin, "Poor execution of a cliched waking-up opening." As your...
Fragments and Feedback for Short Works Icon 1 Re: The World Not Taken Jump to new posts by extrinsic (8)   

A small piece of "Irukandji's" mythology and meaning development at the moment of introduction trumps any emphasis italics format might mysteriously imply. If the Irukandji is an individual, what? Diplomat,...
Fragments and Feedback for Books Icon 1 Re: Concept - Medieval Fiction Jump to new posts by Mecopitch (4)   

Expecting one to reveal everything about a character in the first 13 lines might be a bit unrealistic, but it is definitely more "telly" than I usually prefer. That's been noted in my marks on it and...
Hatrack Groups Icon 1 NSG NaNo Check-In for 11/24 Jump to new posts by Meredith   

Not one word so far today. I spent way too much time wrestling with the Covered California website. Their programmers should be sent for remedial education. :mad: :rolleyes: How about everyone else?
Grist for the Mill Icon 1 Re: Random musings. Jump to new posts by Robert Nowall (3852)   

Actually I was on my way home at the time...and, no, it wasn't any fun at all.
Hatrack Writers - Publications & Reviews Icon 1 My Black Friday sale Jump to new posts by LDWriter2   

Just wanted to say that both of my action packed e-book adventures Above my PayGradeX2 and Tommy Tuckernocker: Shadow Warrior are on sale this week. At Amazona and Barnes and Noble plus smashwords.com...
Hatrack Groups Icon 1 Re: Novel Support Group 11/20 - 11/26 Jump to new posts by LDWriter2 (1)   

Week isn't over but I have managed to work on three novels. The Nano novel: The Courier: the end is coming, :) My Journey of Mystery: Same thing, the end is nearing I thought I might have to skip that...
Hatrack Groups Icon 1 Re: NSG NaNo Check-In for 11/23 Jump to new posts by LDWriter2 (1)   

I am up to a bit over 40,000. Had to take away some words from my count though. I somehow added 2,000 words. But everything is going smoothly except now I need to add another action scene before the...

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