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Markets for Our Writing Icon 1 F&SF new editor, e-subs Jump to new posts by wetwilly   

In case you didn't catch it, Fantasy and Science Fiction has a new editor, and they're taking e-subs now. No more snail mail necessary. https://www.sfsite.com/fsf/glines.htm
Fragments and Feedback for Short Works Icon 1 Re: Faith Transfigured (SF-8k) Jump to new posts by Denevius (3)   

QUOTE: ----- Apart from chiding Denevius for not realising that the 't' in Transformation is capatalised because it is the 'title' of the work, ----- Even more confusing, because the word in the opening...
Open Discussions About Writing Icon 1 Re: avoiding the appearance of Mary Jane (autobiography) Jump to new posts by MAP (22)   

I think the "rules" are common beginner mistakes that annoy editors and agents. Some readers may also be annoyed by them, but most readers probably won't even notice as long as they are entertained....
Hatrack Groups Icon 1 Re: WOTF Critique Group--Q2 2015 Jump to new posts by wetwilly (7)   

Anybody else already started your story? I've started mine three or four times. Each time I get a little closer to an approach I like. This is a pretty ambitious story--possibly more than I have the...
Character Interviews Icon 1 Re: Hans Barr Jump to new posts by mithridates (3)   

Here are some answers for Bent Tree, Robert and the Lurkers (no offense Lurkers). What stands in the way of my goals? Kissing Brita is hard to do. I don't know her that well yet, so I need to get to...
Hatrack Groups Icon 1 Re: Novel Support Group 1/23 - 1/29 Jump to new posts by InarticulateBabbler (2)   

Not true. I just haven't frequented in a while. Still editing my big novel, researching and beginning a new one, working on a short story for a publisher who is interested in my stories, and reading...
Fragments and Feedback for Short Works Icon 1 Re: His Allness and the Vile Spint Jump to new posts by Grumpy old guy (28)   

Luke is a character in an episodic tale. In the first installment, he is wide eyed and innocent; a fatal flaw if ever there was one. In the second, he is more worldly wise yet it isn't until he learns...

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