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Fragments and Feedback for Short Works Icon 1 Re: The Man Who Got Away, sci fi, 2,400 words Jump to new posts by Grumpy old guy (3)   

This fragment does not work for me on a couple of levels. First, it is all narrator tell backstory. I prefer my short stories to be 'in the now'. If backstory needs to be addressed, I'd rather it be...
Fragments and Feedback for Short Works Icon 1 Re: The Resurrection of Sarah good (5500 words) Jump to new posts by Kathy_K (8)   

Thanks again. Will process all your feedback and re-examine the opening. So much to learn, so little time. :)
Hatrack Groups Icon 1 Re: Novel Support Group 12/ - 12/15 Jump to new posts by extrinsic (5)   

Another authentic prose approach to quantum mechanics is that effect precedes cause in the minutia of it all. Plus, that only through quantum mechanics does information transcend relativistic asymptotes,...
Open Discussions About Writing Icon 1 Re: How to, or not. One writer's opinion. Jump to new posts by extrinsic (30)   

walexander noted an HTML source code matter that could contribute to search engine optimization. The site's front page keyword metadata: "Name="keywords" Content="Orson Scott Card, Ender, Ender's Game,...
Fragments and Feedback for Short Works Icon 1 Re: Coyote and the Land of the Dead (Working Title), Period Fantasy, ~5k words Jump to new posts by Disgruntled Peony (21)   

Thank you for the feedback, Kathy. It is definitely appreciated. :) I have a new version of my opening lines that I think takes the strengths from both openings (the more concrete illustration of Mallory's...

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