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Author Topic: Did you Write? 05-11-09
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Did you Write? 05-11-09
Some of us have developed the proper habits to be authors, writing every day, every few days, otherwise writing regularly. The rest of use do not have the habit and sometimes need a prompt to do anything that might resemble regular writing.
In an effort to work on my stories with some regularity, I started posting these notes weekly (or is it weakly?). I, and others, see the note is coming up and will try to write something, anything, so we can report we did not become a useless drag on society because we did not even lift our hand to reach for some level of our potential... (well, that is me, anyway). For the rest, it gives you a chance to report in how you are doing.
This is a place to brag about your accomplishments, cry about your failures, and otherwise report on things in your life.
AS to what is writing, is much a matter of opinions. My list is a suggestion as to what might be considered writing, and it is up to you to decide whether it really is.
We can all agree that any new writing is writing. But since few of us are perfect in our writing, Editing has also to be writing, even if it is editing the work of others. Poetry, article writing, writing assignments, are also writing. World or character building is also writing, as long as something gets on paper. E-mails can also be writing, as long as they are very wordy, and pertain to writing or a story.

AS for me, I was almost good. I added 105 words to a story. I was editing and changed out quite a few sentences so there is more work there than it sounds. More on this story down below.

I kept up on my story ideas. I am not coming up with as many new stories as I "usually" do and have dug deeper into my compost pile. There are many great stories in the stack, but some that are less than great. some of the best are actually more writing intensive than I have had the gumption to tackle them. Two would be good Romance story ideas. Each year, I do write romance story ideas as a separate subject matter. A few story ideas each year fit for both concepts so appear in both places. A few of those get modified for the romance and a select few are written fresh. The two I am thinking of would be perfect romance story ideas, if I got around to write them. Both are in the complex writing category. I have to be in the mood to handle them.

A dear friend of mine passed away this weekend. We worked with each other for decades. She then retired and I used to get her groceries every other week. When she ran out of funds and entered the nursing home, I started visiting her there. Last weekend, she took seriously ill with an infection that entered her blood and infected her whole body. I visited her Tuesday at the Hospice and she was really bad. She got really bad then improved (typical for people about to pass) during the weekend.
Now on the story I was working on, It is a story where my Waxy dragon is taken, along with her teddy bears, to visit my friend and a teddy bear she has. I wish now I had finished that story a while ago so I could have read it to her, or sent it to her daughter. In the story, she is in a nursing home for magic users.
I will finish the story using her as the character, but I do not know if her name will be the one in the story when I finally post it. I will decide when I finally get the story written, whenever that happens to be.

On the woodworking front, I have done some platters with logos carved into them. One is for the antique shop I have some of my woodworking at. The design I started with was not what I ended up with. I showed it to the owner this weekend, and heard the words one is not supposed to ever hear. "WHAT IS IT?" That was how bad my nice design ended up when done. Not everything works I removed my carved in design and this weekend, scroll sawed a design he said would be good. Scroll sawing is where you cut out spaces in a design. It looks like a wood colored silhouette. There are those that use this technique to build ornate three dimensional clocks.

As to the question of the week I will say Yes, I did write.


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You moved it just as I was replying.

Yes, I did write. I got about two chapters of Book Two over the weekend, plus revisions on Book One, particularly the first four chapters.

I still need to fix that synopsis and write a couple of shorter versions, as well as carrying on with the two books.

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One flash and a short story in my Sword of Spells series.

I pulled out a story I haven't yet submitted and did a quick read, examining it for more depth.

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Yes. I pulled an old story out of the drawer and dusted it off. Figuratively speaking of course. I had to retype it because it was composed on an apple IIe -- told you it was old.
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Yup. Everyday I write something. Hopefully, I'm getting better.
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I had three short stories ideas pop into my head at once, so I've been spending every free moment this week (and some not so free moments ) writing. Not the stuff I should be writing, of course, but isn't that the way it always is?
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I wrote. I did some more rewrite on my WotF entry and did some critiquing.
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Well after a crazy 6 weeks, I finally put the pen to paper again. What a relief that was to get some of the built up ideas out of my head. Of course, that was a few days ago and I haven't been back since, but it is sitting on the table next to my bed for when I get an extra few minutes before catching some much needed shut-eye. The plan was to write for 30-60 minutes before bed each night, and maybe someday I'll accomplish that - but not quite yet. So I must be happy to get a few minutes here and there for awhile.
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Robert Nowall
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I've been away for a week, traveling and out of town, and did no writing. I hardly gave it a thought. Shortly, though, I'll pick it up again---I've still got a week-plus before I have to go back to the-work-that-earns-me-money.

On the literary front, while I was gone, I did get a manuscript back in the mail, rejected. Really, I didn't have much hope for it with them...I'm just going through the motions with it...

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