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» Hatrack River Writers Workshop » Forums » Open Discussions About Writing » Did you write? March 05, 2012

Author Topic: Did you write? March 05, 2012
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Did you write? March 05, 2012

It is that time of the week again. We are in a new month but the week is more important for us. It is a small bite of time that one can look forward to, and it is a deadline that comes up really fast and forces you to react.
The concept of this note is for you to post what is going on in your life and because you are posting anyway, you can also tell about what is going on in your writing even if you don't write.

As to what is writing, it can be anything. We all know that new writing is writing, but editing is also writing. Critiquing is also a form of editing and that also counts. Synopsis, poetry, query letters, world and character creation, blogging, technical writing, writing assignments, are just a short list of what is writing. Bulletin board posts and E-mails can also be writing if they are very wordy and pertains to writing or story. Of course, you may choose not to count many of these as writing. it is strictly up to you. For us, if you have to ask if it is writing, our answer is yes.

As for me, I did write. One thing I did was to remove a whole set of scenes that just did not fit to the way the story is going and did not add to the approaching ending. I did toss it into a file named ORPHANED SCENES. It will likely become the core of a later story. It was originally a key set of scenes but a shift of the story made that go away.
With what I added and what was removed, I basically lost all of the previous week's writing. so in the past two weeks, I added 16 words. Of course, there was a whole bunch of writing, but, you know how word counts are....

On the story idea front, we just finished a 29 day month. I can proudly say that I posted 30 stories, one more than days of the week, for a total of 32 pages and 19048 words. That is pretty good. I am already two ideas ahead for the year. The more the merrier.
Including what I am posting tonight, there are 42 story ideas in my compost pile. Not bad. I posted two story ideas that never got to paper.
During the past week, I have posted two leap-day story ideas. That has become a copper mine of concepts. they both involved with the consequences of being born on a day that only comes once every four years. One idea set up other ideas that I can post later.

I have my art show next weekend. I love to have new stuff on display, especially pieces I made since Christmas. They feel like brand new works.
Last month, it dawned on me that there would be no way to finish my dragon carving or my vase with carved faces done in time. I then went to two simpler projects.
One of them, the dream catcher, is not likely going to get done either. I have all the parts but it will take some time and planning to work at it and writing tends to be more a critical project. I could get it done but doubt it.
I have "finished" my tea pot. I hate the handle and will replace it after the show. I had some assumptions on the design that turned out not to be correct when I finally added the handle. In spite of the ugly handle, it actually looks pretty good. That handle will do until later in the month or next month.
I learned that it is best to practice the set up of the display. I never have enough room for everything so I have to pick and choose what will be on display, what is too damaged to be displayed, and how best to show them off. I then pack them up in a way so that setting up the display will be faster and very little decision making is done at the time of the art show. This weekend, I planned on setting up my display for practice. The tail of that monster that hit the mid west was coming across the state. it was a nothing squall line but since I have to do my display out in the open, not under cover, I had to cut short my practice. I have small stepped racks to lift stuff off the table to give elevation to different works. I did test them out and worked out how to get the most out of my display. That helps. I then packed up and put everything away. The squall line passed about an hour later, lasting an hour. Just a little bit of yellow on the radar and that was it.

AS for me, I can honestly say that



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Yes, I did.

Some new work on MAGIC'S APPRENTICE. Research for THE BARD'S GIFT. And I actually finished a short story, "Apocalypse Cruise".

Plus, a couple of crits and two new blog posts.

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No new writing, having finished my last manuscript, but I have been working on the outline for The Nine, which is the close of my Mirrors trilogy, and had some good progress over the weekend with it. Also, I had one fairly good idea that could be great with some development, and another one that's the start of a very interesting world (the plots only just starting to flirt with me).

I'm kind of amazed that I haven't hopped straight into editing Possession but I'm trying to be good, and give myself a bit of a rest. I realized that, essentially, I've written 3 novels in 4 months (the first and second drafts of book 1 of the trilogy were so different as to constitute entirely different books in my mind). That is entirely insane. I need to give myself a chance to recharge. So I am. I'm trying to go slow with the close of the trilogy anyway, so I can do it justice.

Also a couple of blog posts, but at a new address, as I'm launching my post-marriage (and writer's) name a little early, for a lot of reasons.

So, it's been productive, even if the numbers don't show it.


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The Metzgerhund Retreat series is going well...and I'm even interviewing artists for the cover!

I've not written much else (with the exception of a few random flash fiction passages and an occasional lyric), but I have performed one critique, started another, and have completely neglected my blog.


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I wrote about 6k last week and hope to finish my WIP this week.
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Robert Nowall
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I had a pretty good Saturday and Sunday, five hundred words each day, my usual amount...still on that fanfic thing, which seems to have taken flight.

(I talk about some work of mine that's "taken flight" or "jelled" or some such expression...it seems practically anything I do, it takes me a couple thousand words before what I'm doing seems to get going and commands my attention to keep at it, at least when I can find the time to keep at it...)

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Yep. Got about 2100 words in on the novel, did some critting and began the revisions of my last short story.
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Wrote a bit on "Stone Within".

Worked a bit on "Two Struggles" that second chapter is still giving me fits. I have to decide what info to take out and later decide where it should go.

Worked on that set of stories based on the Bookend challenge. I am on the last story, unless I decided to finish one I started in my head.

Worked on and revised a story that might be for WotF.

And revised another story I sent out.

Wrote an E-mail or tthree, wrote posts here and on Google+ again.

And one or two posts here Blog

I think that's it oh, three crits for the First chapter challenge and critted a chapter for someone on critters.

I think that's it again. Oh, Critted two or three sets of 13 lines on both F and F forums.

I believe that's it. [Smile]

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