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Author Topic: odd self torture
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Ever find yourself doing the oddest things for some unexplained reason but somehow it ties back to writing?

I recently found myself on youtube watching several different channels on favorite book picks. These gals (I didn't find any guys)break down books into categories and basically give a short synopsis and why that book is on their favorite list. They even go as far as favorite covers of books. I don't know what it was but I became mesmerized just hearing them rattle on about these vast collections they have. The first question that came into my mind was when do they find the time to read all those books? It took me a half a century to collect my library and most were cheap used copies. And that leads me to my second question. Where do they get the money to buy only brand new hardbacks? That would break my budget.

But it was a weird kind of self torture to watch all these different individuals suggest top picks, lesser known, and underrated books.

One of my only complaints was vocabulary.

"This one is my favorite, favorite. This one is my most favorite. This one is my favorite of all, and my biggest favorite of course is this one."

After a while I really started to hate the word "Favorite."

I think I could pull off my own channel--

"Yeah, and this is my most favorite book. I know you're wondering why it has no cover anymore, and there doesn't seem to be a spine. Oh why does it appear to be in four sections and what's all these loose pages, what can I say...the book seemed to spontaneously self divide over time. Don't mind the coffee stains or the smell of whiskey its giving off. This book is a real survivor. The burnt pages? Oh that came from when I accidentally lite a curtain on fire by placing a floor heater on high to close., but that tells you just how much I loved this book, It was the closest thing at hand when it came to putting out those roaring flames. Can I recommend this book?? Of course--It is my best most favorite book--this book saved my life...oh...what is the name of the book?...

...The Towering Inferno, by Richard Martin Stern."


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Captain of my Sheep
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Ever find yourself doing the oddest things for some unexplained reason but somehow it ties back to writing?
Usually reading how to damage people with pointy things. Last time I googled "ways to bleed out quickly" hoping to find causes of massive blood loss. I ended up skimming a lot of post about people looking to commit suicide. I felt like I'd walked into a room I wasn't supposed to be in.

As for how do they read that much? If you don't watch TV, or surf the web, you can read a lot. I know this because whenever my favorite author releases a new book I tune the world out and can finish it in two days. (And I work full-time.)

Many Youtube book reviewers use their library, they don't buy the books themselves. It might explain why they can review so many books.

Using superlatives until the superlative becomes meaningless is the way things work right now. A sock is "awesome", but just like Eddie Izzard said, if a sock is awesome then what are we going to say if we reach Mars?

- How is Mars, Mr. Astronaut?
- Ah, sir, it's awesome.
- Like a sock?
- Like a million socks, sir.

(Or something like that.)

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"[T]he period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only." (Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities, emphasis added)

Empty superlative language used to describe subjective positions about contemporary life's detachment and awkward confusion and dissatisfaction thereof within life could entice a want for a satisfaction that never arises. This is the "ironically cool" toxic sarcasm attributed to X, Y, and Z generations: emotional detachment caused by diminishment of social prospects.

Look at my library; ain't it nice? See how sophisticated and "with it" I am. Like me, please!?

I want to, though fluff and all are insubstantial. How do I know who you are and if you're likable if you don't take a stand, express a position to like or not?

Well, these books are me, like they stand for me, you know, and I can't say how, but yeah, this is me. Why don't you like me?

No one said I didn't like you, only that I don't know.

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Robert Nowall
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Wasn't sure anybody read "The Towering Inferno." We had a stack of 'em a foot high on the shelves of our old used bookstore...
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Very true RN,

I have a very bad habit from when I was younger. Reading the books of popular movies before I actually watch the film. I still back track books to this day. My latest find "The Entity" by Frank de Felitta. The exception: teen angst book to film.

I will read alan dean fosters. The force awakens before I see the movie. Same day the movie comes out you can get it for kindle app download. I truly enjoyed Foster's book of the original first edition "Alien." Thought it was better than the movie and that's saying something because I loved the movie.

Anyway, back to odd tortures, Just binge watched on youtube most of the last five years of fantasy writers comicon panels. You tube's great sometimes. Why did I do that. Again not sure. I just got fascinated and couldn't stop myself.

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Kathleen Dalton Woodbury
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walexander, I don't think it's a bad habit. I think it's good to experience more than one version (you get more out of the experience and you gain insights that you might otherwise miss).

If you read THE PRESTIGE by Christopher Priest, you will find it is quite a different book from the movie based on it by Christopher Nolan. Both are very creepy in their own way, but what the "prestige" actually is in each of them is very different.

The movie that I found to be closest to the book is TRUE GRIT (the later movie version is even closer to the book than the earlier movie version).

And if you read OSC's novelization of THE ABYSS, you will find out things that help the movie to make better sense.

So I personally endorse reading the book as well as (if not before, between a first and second) viewing (of) the movie.

Other books and movies I've enjoyed in both versions include SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, and the Harry Potter books, and the Twilight books, for whatever that may be worth to anyone.

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