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Author Topic: Dull new guy introduces himself--no one is awed
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Hmm. Well, anyway... since I've just joined the SFWA I thought I would also pop by here and introduce my bad self.

My name is Scott Miller (in case that wasn't self-evident or anything) and I am a resident of the Loveland, CO area. Before I dragged my carcass over here last year, I lived in the Ft. Collins area for nearly 8 years; before that, I grew up in central New York. It's funny how a dry climate makes you miss things like rain, which I used to dislike.

I am 28 years old. In that span, I have done courier work for a Hospice, spent time in retail purgatory, and learned much of the secret art of fast food (surprisingly not made of kangaroo parts). I also spent nearly a year writing a music column at themestream.com (defunct and not at all lamented, at least by me).

No degrees here; I flunked out of the Roy Park School of Communications at Ithaca College before I ever finished a semester. I did learn that you can learn more about film production by trying to make one yourself than in a class taught by a seriously boring and patronizing film professor.

I am not married and have no kids. I don't have a dog or a cat. I don't even have a goldfish.

Having never had the money to live on my own, I am still at home with my parents, where I repay them by being an inept handyman (handy tip--if someone manages to get Coke all over a stairwell, sponges are your best options--washcloths just don't cut it) who can't actually fix much of anything. Er. Well, and help go after groceries, and clean, and do some yardwork. This is not how I ever imagined I would end up, but I'm not going to complain. I'm grateful that they're willing to tolerate my presence, well that and the fact I occasionally feel the need to go out and buy potato chips at midnight.

My interests include films, animation (both the classic Hollywood and modern varieties, from the likes of Pixar or Studio Ghibli), and reading (especially SF, some fantasy, crime, and a wide variety of nonfiction), as well as trying not to get bitten by stray animals or snakes, pacing around, and collecting records.

The one thing in my life I take seriously is my writing, and I intend to hone my skills and get published. I started doing occasional submissions when I was about 15 but have only been seriously working at it for the last five years (not counting most of last year, for personal reasons unconnected with writing).

OK, I'm done babbling for now.

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Oops, massive brain fart at the beginning of the previous post. I just realized that I meant to type "SFFW," not "SFWA." I am not a member of the SFWA.

My ears are burning.

Please do not come after me with baseball bats....

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Welcome to Hatrack! Why don't you go over to F&F and do some critiques, then submit something of your own.

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Welcome and I just want to say that I love Studio Ghibli, too. (Have you seen Howl's Moving Castle, yet?)

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Why in the world did you ditch Fort Fun for Loveland?

Actually... never mind. I can see why.

I like not getting bitten by animals. Unfortunately, my dad is a vet... that's easier said than done. I've only been bitten a couple of times, don't worry--and they didn't even have rabies! Tame stuff.

Sorry about the random ramblings... welcome aboard! If you're serious about writing, you'll love it here.


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Hey, I like Fort Collins way better than where I actually live. If you can deal with those insane, party animal-type college students, it's actually not that bad. Plus it's very pretty in the fall, IMO. Lots prettier than my real home.

Anyway, enough of that. Welcome to Hatrack. I'm actually new here, too. Yay for new people!

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Welcome! It is nice to meet another Rocky Mountainer. I grew up in Northern New Mexico and have been all over Colorado, including Fort Collins and Loveland. In fact, we almost moved to Loveland instead of NM. You may not get rain but at least you get snow which is much more fun than rain.
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mike: I consider myself "whapped."

I'll probably be jumping in shortly, once I find something on my backup disks to put up.

Ursana: Thanks. I haven't seen "Howl's Moving Castle yet but I will when it hits the States" (if Disney sees fit to put it in theaters). I'm very curious because I'm reading Diana Wynne Jones's "Tough Guide To Fantasyland" right now. I'm also excited that "Nausicaa" and "Porco Rosso" just hit DVD here--now I'm hoarding my pennies in order to grab them. I guess my favorites so far are "My Neighbor Totoro," "Kiki's Delivery Service" and "Spirited Away."

Jaina: Actually, my folks just built the house and I made myself cozy in the upstairs. They picked the location. We were living way up past Horsetooth Resevoir, so, ironically, right now we're closer to Ft. Fun than we were.

Basically, we all got tired of coming down a really steep dirt road in the winter--I was lucky and only went off into the ditch once--and having no air conditioning or shade in the summer, during those 120 degree days a couple years back.

Shendulfea: Sorry, but I'm a clod and can't get the keyboard to let me put the neat accents on your name. A thousand apologies.

The party animals don't bother me so much. Anyone who's ever been near SUNY Cortland has seen worse. It is pretty in the fall. Actually, I like going up to Estes Park in the fall, after the tourists have gone home, and just walk through downtown, looking at the leaves and the mountains.

TaShaJaRo: I'd like to visit New Mexico someday--I always wanted to visit the Southwest when I was a kid, so now that I'm out here, hopefully I'll be able to save up the money and swing through the Four Corners someday. And, yes, snow is fun. That's the big advantage of CO over NY--you actually get less snow and more sun, so when you do get snow, you actually enjoy it, and don't sit there grumbling because you just shoveled the driveway the day before.

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Hi Scott Miller. Welcome. I'm glad to get to know you and I have to say that I'm awed. Not really sure why but I just 'feel' it. Anyway enjoy! lots of great people here.


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Hey, I awed somebody. Now I'm awed.
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