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Author Topic: heylo everyone
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yeah talking to people makes me nervous but I'm not really talking you now am I? I'm typing to you. So I'm not gonna stutter or say something unclearly so you have to ask me to repeat it over and over and over and then you get bored and walk away.
It's so awesome to be able to talk to other writers. Whoever came up with the idea for this type of thing is a flippin genius.
Well, I'm almost fifteen, rabidly love to write but am unable to feel good about what I write. I'm sort of a self critic. I want to make sure I can handle criticism gracefully so any tips you can give me on that would be great. I don't handle criticism well because I receive so much of it from myself.
I'm a little odd at times, but most of the people who know me well don't mind (pllllllt!! I am a hummingbird!! and that's why I would like to be president of Iraq. Thank you.) I mean, who doesn't want a hummingbird for president?
I also enjoy playing piano and guitar. I enjoy the company of other unusual people and I love to read other people's work so if you need someone to do that, I'm very willing.
So... yeah. Really, how are you supposed to end one of these things. I will end it with inarticulate sounds and random letters. plllllrrrr ciemvpsdfjlv hey it makes a word!!! Ciem muvup pusdef jeluv!! ummm.... pllttttt

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Welcome on board, Will-o-wisp!


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Welcome, will-o-wisp.

And try to relax. Everything will be all right.

Just take two pills and call me in the morning.

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yeah I get that reaction a lot. That and "What have you been smoking?" and "Are you drunk?" and "You're weird," and "Have you taken your medicine?"
lol I do not have any weird mental conditions, and I'm not under the influence of anything other than my mind. Wait... I take that back about the mental conditions. Hmm...

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will-o-wisp: Don't worry. You're among friends

I've been there. Not for a long time, yeah, but I've been there.

In the meantime, Foont spwafjrd and some such. Potrzebie.

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Hi Will-o-wisp welcome. Listen, if there's something you 'feel' you need to talk to me about I'm here for you. I've been known to 'clean' up lots of messes.

Oh and; liiiaaseeediosi n njjjjjja;sieoZA:sldk


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hehe i like you peoples

eilkc. plllltt pancake sdfdfohdfii

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Will-o-wisp - welcome!!
I remember being fifteen and it's about the worst age to be as far as self-confidence goes. Don't worry so much about what other people think. Just remember, you're not better than them but they're not better than you either. Everyone has good qualities and everyone has quirks. You'll be fine here.

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Welcome, I've been 15 for the last 33 years, so I hear ya talkin'. Back then we didn't have 15. It wasn't invented until the decimal system started getting popular in the late 70's. Instead, when you weren't fourteen anymore we'd just say you were half-past ten. So, I've been half-past ten for a long time.

Everybody is a critic. All you can do is square your shoulders and trust yourself. Learning to deal with it is difficult, but something you must do. Imagine being Stephen King and reading a bad review on one of your books. Even if you refused to read it, you'd still know everyone else had.

Time will help you. With time you'll learn when someone means to help and when they mean to harm. Everyone here means to help. If you think someone means to harm, you can always straight out call them on it.

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Hi and welcome,

Don't worry about getting your work critiqued, the callouses build up quick. And, if they're truly harmful, 3 hearty plllllts! will banish them. You shouldn't have to use that thing too much here, though.

Welcome again,

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