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Author Topic: *insert catchy greeting*
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I'm Isaiah, I was looking up Orson Scott Card stuff, when suddenly I found this writers forum on his site! I couldn't even think of a greater idea and opportunity. Truthfully Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite authors and to be able to converse and debate with so many writers of the world and Pro. Card is amazing.

Not brown nosing or wanting any special attention or anything, it's just the cold hard truth. All people deserve the truth no matter how heart tearingly sweet and honoring it may be. LOL

Alittle about me:
I find I write very descriptive, dark, and with lots of emotion. I found I have a very impressive imagination that I can use to make any scene in my mind, and just write the film as I see it.
I also have strong religious views, and so I love to incorporate spirituality in my writing.

I'm 19 years old

I'm blond haired, blue eyed

6 ft

I love many doing other arts as well, like drawing, comic cartooning, and film

favorite authors: Orson Scott Card, David Gemmell

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Welcome, Isaiah -

I also found Hatrack through inquiring about OSC - I was actually looking for info on the Ender's Game movie that was supposed to be in preproduction but apparently isn't.
Intead, I found these good folks.

I am the movie guru around here, and I screen a movie each month. Unfortunately, the movie is already over. So, I am asking new members if there was a certain movie or TV show that started their love for sci-fi. How about it; what's your sci-fi-tie?

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HAha funnily that's exactly one of the things I was looking for, as well as looking up the many books I haven't read yet. Hopefully the new comic book will add some fuel to the Ender's Game movie!

I'd say Pitch Black and Halo is what did it the most for me, but of course I started with watching Star Track 2nd gen

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Kathleen Dalton Woodbury
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Welcome, Jonsul.

Here's your link to the Hatrack Utility Belt, also known as the H.U.B., a must-have for all aspiring writers.

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Brad R Torgersen
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Private Jonsul, this is your battlefield.

Your standard-issue HUB will serve you well, as will this standard-issue TA-50. Treat both with respect and maintain them, and you'll do OK.

Now drop and give me 20.

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Welcome to Hatrack!
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Crystal Stevens
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I know philocinemas hasn't had a chance to check in since I posted this, but I think the next movie ought to be BACK TO THE FUTURE. He did say he was thinking about a comedy this time around .

Tall, blue-eyed, and blond. Huh? Too bad I'm happily married . I think I'd be robbing the cradle anyway. You're young enough to be my son !

So won't you please come in and join the rest of us? We're all happy you could stop by and chat. If you'd be so kind as to follow me, I can get to a seat right here. An over-stuffed chair, this time, I think.

Welcome to Hatrack .

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'Ello, Isaiah! I'm a brunette, 5'7" with really bad eyesight. (Plus I'm almost 30) But I do like the dark side, for sure. My style is sorta a lighter dark side, though. I don't like to take the creepy stuff too seriously. Besides Card, who do tend to follow? I'll be looking forward to reading some of your samples. (PS, you just started the ball rolling for a very bizzare train of thought for me... OSC's singles.net, ran by Jane, like cupid.com, you get matched up on a bajillion levels of compatability... *species, planet, DIL: distance in lightyears, how comfortable you feel with ahniliating another species before finding out if they are verelsa (sp?) on a scale from 1-10, etc.)
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~keeps his mouth completely shut as regards the self descreption and the "dropping"~

Greetings! Have some red velvet cake!

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Hey Jonsul, sounds like you write some interesting stuff! I'm actually working on a sci-fi novel in which the main theme is faith (or re-gaining a lost faith). I'll have to go check out your 13.


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