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Author Topic: Hello from the Northwest
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Hi all,

I've never participated on this forum, but I am well aware of Kathleen and the good work she does. Several years ago she helped match me in a writing group here on Hatrack and that group propelled me to the publication of my first book. I've been in touch with her through the Nauvoo forum off and on (my off mostly--time is fleeting to be sure). I do want to be more involved because the forums help me focus on writing.

I'm probably older than many here, but I hope you will overlook that. I had the opportunity to be in an advance writing class with OCS while in college. I'm sure he wouldn't remember me, but I remember him. Even as a student he was an excellent writer and has alway inspired me to stretch myself, but I followed a business course after college, trying to hide from the pen and empty page.

I played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons way back at the beginning, and a few years ago I began to feel my mortality and decided I wanted to leave something for my children (6) and grandchildren (soon to be 20 in October) to remember me by. I pulled out all my D&D notes and thought I have a world, characters, beginnings of plots. So I started to write. After a couple of years of experimenting and attending Writers Conferences to hone my skills, and several rejection letters, I decided that I probably didn't have time to play the traditional publishing game. I understand business too well and soon realized that my market was my kids and grandkids first and last; anyone else would be gravy. So I explored the new (at that time) POD (print on demand) technology and published that way.

I have published two books in The Brazen Serpent Chronicles--Talon of Light and The Caduceus. Every year I go to GenCon, the big gaming convention, in Indianapolis and sell them for fun. Surprisingly I have had great reception and receive emails off and on asking if the new book is finished yet. I have had some very kind reviews on Amazon. It is an amazing feeling when someone you don't know says kind things about something you have done for your grandkids.

I am working on the third book--Dragon Kiln, but it has been slow going. I plan to write 6-8 books, all in the same world, but they are all stand alone novels. A character or item will connect the books, but if I do my job right, you could read them in any order. What I want to paint a snapshot history of the world from the birth of the three ancient kingdoms to their fall and rebirth out of the ashes. For example The Talon of Light is a sword, but Dragon Kiln goes back a thousand years to when the sword was forged. The history of the sword becomes the connecting link. I basically write to an adult audience, with concepts and themes that resonate with adults, but good readers down to 13 and 14 have enjoyed the books. A couple of times a year I go to high schools or jr. highs and talk with kids about reading and writing.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments. I will do my best to actively participate, eventhough time is a scarce commodity for me. I live in the Northwest outside of Portland, Oregon.

[This message has been edited by DB (edited March 17, 2009).]

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Welcome DB, we're glad to have you! I'm impressed with everything you've been able to accomplish.
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Well, hi. Good on Ya for all you've done. We don't care how old you are. Besides, it's a virtual world. We here in the treehouse are unbound by the fetters of reality. Our virtual brownies never go straight to your thighs, the virtual sun never burns and being in the best shape of your life is possible without 20 minutes a day three days a week on a virtual bowflex.

We happily welcome all the time you can invest here. I look forward to your posts as well as your critques (if I ever manage to write soemthing worth exposing to the light of day. Do we have a virtual best sellers list in the treehouse?)

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Welcome DB, and you are not the only one here with grand kids. Which is truely amazing becuse my virtual self is only just approaching his 21st.


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Welcome to Hatrack from a fellow geezer.
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Thanks to all. I look forward to exploring the treehouse.
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Crystal Stevens
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Oh man, I'm late, again. You see, in the real world my husband and I have been shopping for another pickup truck to replace the one he lost in an unfortunate auto accident. So, between my job in the real world, hunting for a truck, and trying to get revisions done on my novella, I haven't had much time to greet new members.

So now, I'm here and ready to show you anything that might be of interest to you in our magical treehouse. Did you find your suite upstairs okay? I hope you've been enjoying the magical fridge in the kitchen. I had the best lobster tail dinner out of it just last night. It was great. Maybe you took a swim in the swimming pool in the space station? It's quite a treat to swim under the grandeur of the stars. Come on, and we'll relax out on the deck. I could use it after all I've been through lately. Just let me grab a cold one out of the fridge and something for yourself, too .

Welcome to Hatrack .

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Thank you. It's a pleasure to be here. The deck sounds good, but there is a little gremlin in the closet of my suite that is pointing toward the keyboard. All he chants day and night is "Dragon Kiln, Dragon Kiln, Dragon Kiln." I think I have to finish before June, or he will explode all over the suite. I always hate to clean up virtual gremlin. It's such a . . . Thanks. I'll meet you on the deck.
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Bent Tree
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It is a pleasure to have an accomplished writer and interesting persona.
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