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Author Topic: More to Love @ hypocrisy
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Okay so as a disclaimer, I don't usually watch TV. And when I do, I tend to avoid gimmicky reality shows like the plague they are.

That said, I was vegging in front of the TV last night and since I only get a handful of channels Fox is the best I can do if I get a craving for television. And since the series premiere of More to Love was showing I figured hey, why not?

About the only thing that drew me to the show was the out in the open, stated intention of the show, that the one guy with a choice of 20 girls is there SOLELY to judge them based on their personality, not on looks. You have a big guy and a bunch of big girls, and the gimmick is that true love is possible even for fat people (don't flame me, that's the message Fox is shoving down my throat. I mean they show the weight of each girl in their intro for the love of all that is good.)

Now we come to the hypocrisy. The season premiere of More to Love, again I mention a show intended solely to judge these girls based on personality, ends with the guy being forced to eliminate a quarter of the prospects almost immediately.

He's given maybe three hours at most to mingle with them and "get to know them". But honestly, in that short amount of time with 20 girls what can you get to know, except their physical appearance and their willingness to put out? So while they're bleating about true love being blind, the first hurdle these poor girls have to jump is a physical appearance hurdle.

Bam, 5 of the 20 gone, and not even the most objective person can help but note that they're the least attractive ones.

So much for the premise of More to Love, and so much for me ever watching another episode. Oh well, at least they made the hypocrisy of this reality show blatantly obvious, instead of merely painfully so.

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My favorite reality TV show is Wipeout.
I love that stuff.

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drake the thall
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sorry, American Idol fan here...

dont watch shows like that. house is good, tho. anyone know when the next season starts?

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I gave up watching television a long time ago. Now I just download a show every once in a while if something catches my eye.
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About the only reality TV show I watch is Bullrun.

The next season is supposedly scheduled for next February.

Withdrawal symptoms can be fun...


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Natej11, it sounds like it was a horrible experience just watching the darn thing. You Were desperate.

I saw part of one episode of American Idol where the judges ripped into some poor musician, and never watched again. Any form of entertainment that is based on causing pain is not worth it (and not entertaining, in my book).

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I actually like So You Think You Can Dance. Then again, most of that is probably because I CAN'T dance (and know it), so I can watch all but the crappiest of dancers and appreciate them. Plus the music is usually pretty good...
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Kathleen Dalton Woodbury
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Topic on lessons from AMERICAN IDOL:


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Robert Nowall
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Outside of news, I watched some old shows regularly...I watch "Home Improvment" regularly. (I was watching "The Beverly Hillbillies" regularly, but WGN changed its programming for the summer, the bastards.) There are some cartoons on Discovery Kids that I watched, also less often with another change o' schedule (they're on in the afternoon and I have to sleep in the afternoon.) There are a bunch more shows I catch every so often.

There are other shows I would watch regularly if they were on at all. Most of the Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network cartoons I really liked have vanished into the black hole of old programming...there are a buncha sitcoms I'd look at again if somebody just had them on.

So now it's just news on, most of the time.

(Of course there are DVDs...but sometimes I don't like to go to the trouble of putting them in and just watch what happens to be on at that hour. Besides, a lot of shows aren't available, or available only in part.)

((My all-time favorite---or at least the one I wrote Internet Fan Fiction for---is reportedly coming out in some form sometime next year. I'd be happy to renew the acquaintance.))

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I'm on the 3rd season of Dexter right now. I've had times while watching it that'll i'll end up watching 4 episodes in a row and its suddenly 3AM.
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Crystal Stevens
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Anyone been watching Merlin? I can get it on Sunday nights.

Since I work 2nd shift, I don't watch TV through the week, and it's too much hassle to video tape the evening shows. Let's face it daytime viewing is the pits, but it does give me time to work on my writing projects .

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Yeah, I've been checking out Merlin, but I was on the fence until this past week. The introduction of a small child with the ominous prediction that if Merlin helps him, he won't fulfill his destiny, then revealing the child to be his (future) nemesis... I have to admit, while it seemed a little forced that the kid wouldn't speak until the end, it hooked me on the show.
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Amen to watching episodes of shows for hours on end. When I do get into a TV show I usually just get the seasons (ah, uh, on DVD of course), and watch them through. It's best when there's at least two seasons and the show is between seasons so I don't have to wait for episodes.

If you want a list of my all-time favorites, here's some of the best: Battlestar Galactica, Rome, The Wire, Dexter, House, Family Guy, Futurama, Burn Notice.

Anyone got shows to add to the list? I'm talking about "wow you HAVE to see this or you're a complete idiot" shows, not "it's something to do on a Saturday night," ones.

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