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Author Topic: Vander
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Hey, I'm Vander; welcome to my presence. To understand where I'm coming from, you should understand the politics of where I live. My planet has been divided for as long as the people can remember, which to say, is not very long. The government does a good job of keeping records of the past secret, as well as suppressing artistic expression. The planet has two factions: the cities who have made full use of technology, and a number of tribes and cults who still revere nature. I know it's cliche, but they're strong ideals. I'm not judging you, so can it.

Up until recently, I worked for the most elite military unit of the Industrial States government, the Mirguard. It's a unit of six men; I'm the leader. We are the absolute best, the weapon they used when everything else failed. I was an instrument that helped keep the lawlessness of what we called the Wastes in check. I've killed their leaders, I've decimated their most important stronghold.

And I got tired of it. I realized that it just wasn't me. I was great at it, but it just wasn't my passion. Since then, I've discovered the magic behind music, quite literally. Turns out there's a reason the government suppresses the arts: to keep their real power out of the hands of the people.

I want people to be able to choose what to think. Where I come from, that ability is rare. The most important thing is, I am what I do, but anything else you want to know, I have an answer.

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Nice to meet you.
Why do you care so much about the people in your country?
Why does government control bother you so badly?
Was there some more personal reason that you quit the military?
Why did you join the military in the first place?
Did you once believe in what the military was trying to do?
Why does the government really want control?
Why don't more people know about the power of the arts?
You want to liberate the people. For what purpose? Is there some freedom that you feel like you or someone you love has been denied?
(And if something is cliche but you still want to use it, why not try a twist on the cliche? Something a little different, a little unexpected.)

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You ask a lot of questions. However, I said I have answers, and I do, so here you go.

1. I think I care because I've already invested so much of my time protecting them. I had given my life to ensure their safety. I also empathize with a lot of them, which brings me to the second question.

2. Government control bothers me because it keeps people from becoming who they want to be. One of the biggest parts of being human is the ability to choose between the better and the worse. Take the choice away, and what's left? They took my choice away. As I said, I got into the arts, I got into music, but couldn't practice it. I know lots of others who are the same way. Even though I really loved it, I could barely get near it.

3. I found something I was more passionate about. Is that personal enough for you?

4. I joined for a couple of reasons, none of them fantastic. I was good at it, and I like to be the best. I like the spotlight, and the unit I was in is well heard of and well praised. I wasn't sure what else to do, and I thought it might be somewhere I would fit in, somewhere where I could make an impact. Turns out I did, but not the impact I wanted.

5. Sure I believed; everybody does. Where I come from there is no other way of thinking. Everyone is told that what the government does is good. People who say otherwise disappear. Everyone gets brainwashed, me included, though I'm not proud of it.

6. I think they realize that a few people who are really in touch with themselves and have really had the chance to think and realize their own goals can be dangerous for institutions. The government could just be protecting itself, they could just want power, I'm not completely sure.

7. The government is good at hiding it. Most records have been destroyed, and it's a death sentence, no questions asked, to be seen toying around them them. Any art that is produced is commissioned and approved by the government; usually narcissistic, self-glorying garbage on their part. A combination of fear and sheer widespread influence and ignorance keeps the arts out of peoples' hands.

8. I've been denied freedom, as I've said above. I'm sure lots of others have too; some close to me, most I don't know. The point is that people have a right to choose.

That answer everything? If not, then keep them coming.

(let me know if any of this sounds too cliche; one of my concerns is that too much of it is just that).

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So you just got tired of it one day? Did you even realize you weren't interested anymore, or did someone point it out to you? Did you ever have regrets while you were destroying and killing?

What are you interested in music-wise? Singing? Instruments? What instruments if any?

Are you still in the city now that you're bucking the system and getting involved in music? If you're out there with the tribes and such, how do they feel about you?

(As long as you work out some original explanations and twists like was mentioned, don't overly worry about cliche I'd say)

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I got tired of it over a period of years, but I realized what had been happening all in one day. I had a very accidental brush with music. Up until then, I didn't so much regret, I was just angry, without knowing why. Nothing seemed to work or click for me.

I'm interested in all of it. While living in the city and visiting smuggling rings, I managed to get my hands on a harmonica; instruments are very rare, so that was all I had. I wasn't even aware that there was a thing as vocal music until fairly recently; that kind of stuff gets targeted by the government first since it doesn't require an external piece of equipment to create.

And no, I left. Again, sort of by accident. My unit is responsible for going outside the city walls, and something went wrong. I'm not quite sure what or how, but I got stranded out there, then opportunities started coming up. I don't live with the tribes; they'd probably kill me on sight. A few people managed to escape the conflict; I live with one of them.

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Tell me more about the tribes. Do they have more freedom than in the cities? Are they smaller government, but just as oppressive?

I am also curious about your childhood. Does your knowledge of your government come only from (state-controlled) schools, or have you had some subversive influence from family or friends?

Were you a questioner, or a loyalist before your current calamity?

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As far as the tribes are concerned, I can only tell you what I know through experience. There's probably a lot I don't know. From my experience, they're fairly lawless and superstition. One tribe or cult doesn't necessarily have any brotherhood with others. They war constantly, both between and within themselves. I don't know what their ideals are other than they dislike technology. I'm not even sure that they know why anymore.

Everyone's knowledge of the government comes from state-controlled schools. I also worked for them for quite some time. As far as subversive influences... not that I'm aware of. If you're subversive, you do well to hide it. My best friend, now that I think about it, it wouldn't surprise me if he turned out to be a dissenter. He's always been himself, not what anyone wants him to be.

Before my current situation I was pretty much a loyalist, no questions asked.

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