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Author Topic: Did You Write? 07-13-09
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Did You Write? 07-13-09

Another week to report how you were unable to get to your keyboard to write. Or it is another week to brag about your accomplishments. It is also a time to tell about what else is going on in your life.
My hope is that you know this note is coming and you forced yourself to at least open some work in progress, or something new. This is a weekly prompt to get slackers like me to write at least once a week, though writing every day is really the intent.
There is always questions of what is writing. Along with writing something new, Editing is part of writing. Edit, edit, edit. few of us can write without editing. Poetry, article writing, writing assignments, blogging, world and character building (as long as something goes onto paper) are all writing. E-mails can be writing, if they are wordy and pertain to writing.

I finally can say I wrote. Earlier today, I opened my Waxy Birth rewrite story, and added three pages to it. I realized that since this sets up the rest of the stories, I needed to add some information to explain later situations. I took my story from page 12 to page 15, adding 871 words. Better than many times I have written. I zapped and added quite a bit in the process. I am sort of avoiding some scenes I need to write and really have not worked out how to deal with them properly. If done wrong, they can be boring, or not believable.

I am trying to catch up on last month's missing story ideas. I need to write twelve extra story ideas this month to become even. I am already seven story ideas ahead. I have posted 20 stories as of tonight.
In my compost pile, I have 48 story ideas, including the one I posted today. I am not going to complain about that. Of course, little else is happening because I am spending so much time at the keyboard.

So as to the question of a day, I can say
Yes, I did write.

Did you write?

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Yes! Had two 600-word days this week.
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Yes. Let's see. I sort of started Dreamer's Rose over. (Not completely, I can reuse a lot of stuff). But now I'm on chapter four, which is all new.

I've also started a couple of chapter exchanges on The Ignored Propehcy, which means I'm doing a bit of revision on that one. The combination of new writing and revision to work on when the new isn't flowing seems to work pretty well for me, most of the time.

And I have actually started working on the query and synopsis for The Shaman's Curse. Will wonders never cease.

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I did indeed write. I've had a very good week, totally almost 6k for the last 7 days. Elemental is now up to 30k. Yay! I struggled with a few parts of it, but I'm still mostly happy with the first draft, or what I've skimmed of it. I'm keeping my eyes forward though, and writing the entire first draft without going back to try and perfect any of it. It's about momentum, and hope, I find. I need to keep the momentum and keep hoping that I can get to the end. If I do, it will be the first time for me, and a major achievement in my writing career.

Also, had a few thoughts on ideas I'm kicking around for other novels. I think that, when I finish Elemental and put it in a drawer, I'll still be busy writing. It's a nice feeling.


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Robert Nowall
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I had a pretty good week of revising old text...then Sunday and Monday things got busy and I stopped, but I expect to get back to it later today, in among other things.

I like the story, too...once I finish it, revise, polish, revise and polish again, I think I'll submit it somewhere. I hope to keep it around ten thousand words, which is just half the length of my previous two finished things.

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I finished Chapter 4 at the end of last week. It was a different take on the scene from an earlier version and I think it works much better, so I'm excited.

I've also done some research for Chapter 5 (and beyond) that's got me excited to write it. I made some good headway last night into it and have set a stage I'm happy with.

If it continues at this pace, I may actually be done sometime this year!

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I got a serious start on my novel... 25,000 words last week. Plus a flash.

My critting took a hit and I've got a string of shorts that need some TLC before they go out.

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Did some writing this week, but not as much as I'd like :/. I was planning on finishing up my synopsis, but it's just been sitting there. I kind of hit a writer's block when I was looking at it and I couldn't figure out what goes next even though I've got most of the story plotted out.

As the other half of the chapter exchange, I have been getting some good insights into improvements for my novel. I'd say that's my major accomplishment for this week, and I hope my own critiques have been as useful.

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Holy... Owasm, that's a lot of words. I might have written in a week the amount you wrote in a day.

Still, I wrote every day! Even when I didn't feel like writing for RITN, I forced myself to sit with my notebook until I'd produced half a page of story draft. Perhaps my weeks are mixed up, but I think I also spent some time with "Leaves on the Wind", trying to determine if I'm ever going to submit it to a publisher.

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I printed some stuff out and edited it to death. No idea what that has done to overall word counts, etc., but if the amount of red ink is any indication, this was a major pitched battle
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Yeah, got back into a rythm sort of.
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