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Author Topic: My notebook, My salvation
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At last I have found a way to increase my writing productivity. I am sure that many of you will roll your eyes when I tell you it is an ordinary colledge ruled notebook. Why not my powerbook notebook, you might ask. Well because no matter where I am when I am using my laptop, I found myself...well here among other places. Not to say that this site isn't a great place, but I don't get much actual typing done.

It seems that anything related to the creative process; character notes, worldbuilding, vocabulary excercises, etc... gets done more prolifically with my Mirado Black Warrior pencil and the half dozen notebooks of various size and colour which can be found on my persons at any given moment. I have aslo found it invaluable to capture those brief but priceless million dollar ideas that we all have and forget.

I have even begun to write my first drafts in notebooks for a few reasons. One, I already mentioned that there is less distraction for me. Two, It serves to eliminate many of my first draft mistakes or variances. By the time I actually get on the keyboard I have a clearer idea of where the story is heading. Three, I find it easier on my eyes and better on my constitution. Looking at the computer screen is bothersome after a few hours and I find myself getting more and more headaches these days. Also it is much easier to draw little lines to arrange alterations in the story than cutting and pasting and hitting control z thousands of times. But most of all I just like it. Sitting in the airport, on the cliffs of New Zealand shore, in a Park in L.A. It just seems more natural.

Any way sorry to have rambled on so about something so trivial, but I would say my productivity level has been increased exponentially since I began a few weeks ago.

Happy writing!


Edited to say; I am going to turn off the computer now and go get some writing done.

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Well, for when you get back: It's good to hear. I have been meaning to literally pen a story for a while. I have a bad case of procrastinitis and the availability of the internet is often behind the larger gaps in my writing schedule. Plus, the paper rarely runs flat, is easy to use on the train on the way in to work, and draws less attention there or during my lunchbreak than my netbook. I've already started printing out stories and critiquing them with red pen as an alternative to working on screen and I love it.

Of course, then our drafts may end up looking like this.

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Bent Tree
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Amen, sister. Both to making use of the notebooks and to getting off the internet and getting busy. I should follow your advice, but well...then I woudn't be a procrastinator now would I?

I have a stack of notebooks myself. Mostly I employ them for R&D, but when it becomes story time, I have to hear the clicking of the keys. It hypnotizes me and gets me into the zone.

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Unfortunately, my handwriting sucks. I wrote my first novel by hand. I struggled to get it transcribed. I also find it really difficult to use spellcheck on a college-ruled spiral notebook.

However, when outlining a short story or jotting down a story concept, it's easy to pull a sheet of paper from my scratch stack and scribble it out. It beats booting up MS Word to get something recorded.

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I hate re-typing things I've written by hand. That was about half the reason I purchased my netbook. My trick not to get distracted - turn the WiFi off.
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Pyre Dynasty
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I'm never without a notebook, but I usually just doodle on it. Of course sometimes doodling means writing, but I usually just write scenes or snippets. My real writing is done on a computer, and I take ideas and phrases from my notebook, but transcribing is a soul crushing things for me. All happiness goes out of the world if I'm writing something that doesn't come from my brain. (Even if it came from my brain two minuets ago.)
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My notebook is a part of me (it's actually a fifth one). I use it every day and re-type everything in the evening.
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I use my notebook (the paperback notebook :P) chiefly for jotting down down ideas. All actual writing is done on the lappy.

And I unplug my internet router when I write. A recent quirk I discovered and I'll have to say it helps with productivity.

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If I need to make notes when I'm out I use the voice recorder on my cell phone.
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I wrote the first draft of THE SHAMAN'S CURSE and most of THE IGNORED PROPHECY in paper notebooks. It really helped me break the habit of wanting to go back and edit what I'd already written before I got through to the end. Since then, I've gotten used to writing on the computer.

I may have to break out the notebooks for the next week or so, though. Until I have the "new" (refurbed) computer set up.

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I like to use my notebook to kind of take notes, or get ideas down on paper. For some reason it just doesn't work right on computers, it's too neat and I need to make lines and circle things and write sideways. I can't though write the actual story on paper. My hand starts cramping up after one page and I get frustrated that it takes soooo long to write. I almost hate writing in my handwritten journal because of this.
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